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Rolfh FrolijkDesign PortfolioLightweight Composite Tow-BarLHS BackplateComposite CrossbeamTow Ball Interface systemTow Ball systemAdhesive LayerRHS BackplateThis hybrid solution provides a 40% weight reduction by replacing the steel crossbeam with a composite variant. This composite variant is produced using overbraiding to apply dry fibres over a preshaped core after which the fibres are impregnated using resin transfer moulding. The steel interfaces needed to be redesigned into a surface-to-surface connection to maintain fibre integrity.ThermopiercingThermoforming Fibre DisplacementRedesign of an arm-rest for a pediatric wheelchair using semi-manufactured com-posite carbon panels and thermoforming to reduce product weight and production time. A unique weave was chosen to make it aesthetically more appealing while providing flexibility for reinforcing the mounting gaps when piercing the holes with heated pens.Composite Arm-RestAbsorbing Honeycomb BaseFunctional base concept of a large polymer container for the transportation of hazardous or valuable liquids. A honeycomb medium was chosen for its strength in the vertical direction. It can maintain integrity when stacked and partially absorb impact when dropped at an angle.Expanse, office storageExpanse is a low profile office product, based on injection moulding, designed as an addi-tion to a work space. The product can slide on to most table surfaces to provide additio-nal storage. The long Expanse functions as a document holder while the smaller Expanse can be used to store books, office supplies and accessories. Surface ModelingA rendered concept of a miniature toy submarine for injection moulding. Based of an existing concept it consists of 3 parts: the two external hull pieces and internal shell for details. Graphics DesignLeft, concept of a hollow alarm clock, based on an extrusion process, generated in photoshop with bamboo pen within a 10 hour time frame.Right, mockup flyers and logo concept for the stu-dent union Caribische Studenten Vereniging. Poster and logo requests were occationally accepted from CSV to help progression and exposure of the union.