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Self Improvement

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CONCEPT DESIGN & ILLUSTRATIONArtist: Bassim AljeboriBassbori@hotmail.comGame RevisionFor this project I was tasked with recreating a games style.The game I was tasked with is Dead Space.I sought to create Carbot Animations style.Sketches-- Character -- Vehicles-- Iconshttps://www.youtube.com/user/CarbotAnimationsGame Revision Character turn-aroundGame RevisionCombined all projects.I can polish and refine more areas of the project for example the HUD. I had a lot of fun in this project. Reimagining a game from the UI to creating vehicles is very interesting concept to explore.My Mind Fear Love Friend Hero Happiness MeCommercial Ideas for a commercial.Falcon 9 from spaceX.I believe I can improve the line work of this project. Making it cleaner and overall better.Movie PosterI tried a new technique to me, color blocking. I used this to create a laver to work around my art.I really enjoyed this technique and will use it in future projects.Movie PosterThere is a lot of things I would like improve in this piece. However the one thing that I would work more heavily on is the Background.Going from a story to Concept to the poster was a pleasant experience.Scrapping ideas and exploring new versions of the scenes was interesting.