Portfolio Development Fashion Drawing & Illustration ?· Fashion Illustration A more conceptual course…

Download Portfolio Development Fashion Drawing & Illustration ?· Fashion Illustration A more conceptual course…

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  • Portfolio DevelopmentFashion Drawing & Illustration

    Fashion & TextilesShort Courses

  • DescriptionThis Folio Development course will be conducted by experienced RMIT practitioners with the express aim of enabling participants to document the ideas generation process they have engaged in throughout this course. These four sessions will allow students to experiment in different media and in different aspects of Fashion and Textiles exploration. In addition, they will be presented with the skills required to graphically document this process.

    Content Ideas generation Developing a personal style Communicating ideas Colour/patterns/shape Fabric/drape Understanding 3D form Exploration of ideas Developing a collection Polishing your portfolio Graphic design enhancement with Photoshop/Illustrator

    OutcomeParticipants will acquire the skills and knowledge to develop their own personal style of ideas generation and be able to graphically communicate their journey in preparation for a course selection process. Suited toYear 11 and 12 students as well as mature-aged students aspiring to study Fashion and Textiles at RMIT or other institutes.

    Delivery4 x sat 10am-4.30pm 24hrs total $695

    Fashion Drawing Portfolio Development in Fashion & Textiles

    DescriptionThis course is designed to introduce beginners to Fashion Drawing. For those with creative ideas, this is the opportunity to learn how to draw a model and present your fashion design ideas in the most effective manner. The course covers principles of drawing fashion figures and exploring the use of various colour mediums.

    Content Fashion Figure Proportions Analytical Drawing Principles Establishing Templates Colour Mediums and Fabric Rendering Live Model Drawing

    OutcomeUpon completion of this course, participants will be able to communicate their design ideas to a wide range of people, incl colleagues & customers. Suited toThis course is designed for those who are seeking to develop their fashion drawing skills in order to help obtain the skills necessary to enter the world of fashion.

    Delivery3 x sat 10-4.30pm 18hrs total $495

    Possible Follow On Courses - see website for more details:

    Fashion Drawing 2: Producing Fashion Drawings in Adobe Photoshop

    Fashion Illustration A more conceptual course where students learn how to use different rendering techniques to create the impression of a design in a more artistic style or like that would appear in a fashion magazine or in fashion media.

    Portfolio Development,Fashion Drawing & Illustration

    See website for available course dates

    For more details, enquiries and enrolments visit RMIT Short Courses:

    +61 3 9925 8111enquiries@rmit.edu.aushortcourses.rmit.edu.auRMIT short course terms and conditions are available at www.shortcourses.rmit.edu.au.Course dates/times are subject to change, please check online or phone +613 9925 8111 for current course details.