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2. s Qhighlights philosophy focus group development ilFlAME dFrame makes digital music taking values and traditions from the development of i1Frame starts sketching in 2d,3d and physical mockupsand digital pictures tangible,music on cd and pictures on paper with interviews with 5 different families.is done,and at the same time the user interfacerich,fun and easy to use.and combining them with the by understanding their needs a very clear is developed to work in symbiose with the digital benets.product prole crystalizes.physical design. 3. apperanceunderstated elegance.framing the digital content in a timeless design. materials satin nished alloy shell and black Satin rubber backsidefeaturesimport and storage ofdigital music and pictures works In network with TV.and phones. 4. expirenceGFRAME makes aigitai picturespresent like the old pictures albums but you also get scalablltv and you have small bits of sound with each pictureinterfacephvsical buttons on the edge of the display control dynamic functions that refers to the current situation on the screen dFRAME 5. highlightsAgrobot significantly reduces the use chemicals in modern farming realizing that organic farming will never dominate farmingphilosophyreducing the environmental impact of modern farming,and improving the working environment in modern agriculture / researchthrough extensive interviews with experts,arialsis and research agrobcit was designedgo set new standards in farmingINDEX:200$Agrobot was topnominatedat INDEX 2005, an international awardfor all product designs that can improvelife with thousands of professional contestans Agrobol 6. technologyAgiobo:is based on e ting technology for both l| Hilga[| (lH analysis and treatment navigation bi LP:and camerasanalysiscameras with picture recognition scliivaie will create a map or the specific situaticiri in the fieldtreatmenta special let system that WI Ilse lesschemicals is combined with the analysisof the field to provide a very specic treatment. 7. i seeportfolio designs by henrik norby - doInorby@gmai| .cnrn