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Portfolio - Hanan Kharraz


  • Hanan Nezam Al-Deen Kharraz

    Personal Information : - Name : Hanan Nezam AL- Deen Kharraz . - Nationality : Jordanian - Date of Birth : .

    - Place of birth : KSA . - Place of residence : Amman-Jordan. - Gender : Female . - Marital status : Single - Education: BSc. Engineering Architecture

    Engineer (University of Jordan ). Contact : Mobile: E-mail: Hanan1kharraz@yahoo.com

  • Job related skills Design AutoCAD

    D Max (V-ray & Mental-ray)

    Sketch Up Photoshop .

    Microsoft office .

    Training at Alpha Engineering ConsultingExperience :

    Contains :

    Culture school project .

    Children cancer hospital project.

    Mix use project.

    School project.

    Motel project

    Landscape .

    D Shots Visualization Design

    Sketches .

  • Concept : The School of Jordanian Heritage. *School *Heritage 1-Social 1-Cultural 2-Educational 2-Social 3-Cultural 3-Way of life

    *Why the Circle? -The Circle philosophy: School in the whole world is culturally and socially project, and here in Jordan we came back to the origin of our socio-cultural behaviors that were prevalent in our society and we have found a very similar several forms of, where there was the madrassas (Ktateeb) and Al-Thikir sessions or Al Samar evenings , tribal councils and family relations, all these forms were regulated by them not subconsciously in a circular forms in order to help all members to interact equally as listeners or speakers and allows for everyone to see each other clearly. The interaction and sharing experiences here have the utmost limits, and it eliminates the boredom of members and make them more involved in issue at stake in the meeting.

  • The Circle Function: The circle is the strongest geometrical shape; its Clear, Central, Comprehensive, Growing and Scalable. -The Circle in the Jordanian History: In return to the authenticity of Jordan, we find between the pages of its history, a great title named village of al-Bayda, near Petra the village of Neolithic Age since 7000 BC, which has a fine remains till this day and they are circular spaces reflects the social evolution of our forefathers in the Neolithic age in Jordan and the intellectual development to them.

  • The Inverted Cone Distributed: Maximized

    Public Spaces

    The Inverted Cone :Public Spaces


    Traditional Placement of Tower Block

    *Why Cones? -The Circular plans and Conical shape philosophy: circular plans were distributed but their interfaces were conical; because our heritage is our legacy and from here we started, our heritage helps us to prosperity ,progress and prove our identity in the world, widening the circle whenever we rise to the top as we move forward and the end of each cone did not stop at a certain point symbolizing to the infinity, and we will not stop moving forward, and we will not let our legacy behind us..

  • Theater

  • Hand craft

  • Section A-A

    Section B-B

    Architectural sections

  • Section C-C



    l section


    Section D-D

  • Architectural Elevations

    south elevation

    west elevation

  • Architectural Elevations

    North elevation

    east elevation

  • Motel project

  • Landscape

  • Nursery school

    Site plan

  • Details


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