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This presentation details the current portfolio show for admission to The Creative Circus, located in Atlanta, GA.


  • 1. Stationery DesignThe 88 ClubStationery letterheadenvelope 2009 / jorge e torneria

2. Menu DesignThe 88 ClubDragons Menu poster table tents Lunch Menuposter trifold2009 / jorge e torneria 3. Promotional DesignThe 88 ClubValentines Daypostcard First Friday (monthly event)postcardLatin Night (monthly event) postcardAnniversary Party 2009 / jorge e torneria postcard 4. B/W Photographyfreelance 2009 / jorge e torneria 5. Color Photographyfreelance 2009 / jorge e torneria 6. Color Photography - Panoramics in Peru freelance 2009 / jorge e torneria 7. Dance Department Spring Concert Stivers School for the Arts2008 Concert poster program postcard tickets2009 Concert poster program postcard tickets 2009 / jorge e torneria 8. Piano Department Stivers School for the ArtsPiano and Handbell Concertposter Piano Spring Concert poster2009 Senior Recital poster2009 / jorge e torneria 9. FIFTH STREET Gallery ExhibitsStivers School for the Arts 2009 / jorge e torneria 10. Visual Art Senior ShowStivers School for the Arts 2006 Gallery Exhibitposterpostcard 2007 Gallery Exhibitposterpostcard 2009 / jorge e torneria 11. Graphic DesignStivers School for the Arts Plotter/PaperMeasurements posterLiving Art MagazineadvertisementPhotomosaic Stivers poster 2009 / jorge e torneria 12. Our Time is Now (Creative Writing Department Fundraiser)Stivers School for the Arts Our Time Is NowPoetry & Story Bookcover design 2009 / jorge e torneria 13. Exposure (Photography Department Fundraiser)Stivers School for the Arts 2006 Exhibit poster postcard2007 Exhibit poster postcard 2009 / jorge e torneria 14. Soup Dressed Up (Ceramic Department Fundraiser) Stivers School for the Arts2006 poster postcard 2007 poster postcard2008 postcard 2009postcard 2009 / jorge e torneria 15. Technical Spec Layouts Dolly, Inc. 2009 / jorge e torneria


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