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The official program of the 2015 Port Fairy Folk Festival held on March 69


<ul><li><p>OFFICIAL PROGRAM</p></li><li><p>CONTENTS</p><p>PORT FAIRY FOLK FESTIVAL COMMITTEE </p><p>PO Box 176, Port Fairy 3284 t: 03 5568 2227 f: 03 5568 1819 e: pfff@hotkey.net.au</p><p> PROGRAM OFFICE - PROGRAMMING, MEDIA &amp; PROGRAM GUIDE </p><p>Port Fairy Folk Festival PO Box 1252, Geelong 3220 t: 03 5225 1232 f: 03 5225 1211 e: pfff@portfairyfolkfestival.com </p><p>www.portfairyfolkfestival.com</p><p> PROGRAM BOOK CREDITS</p><p>Editor: Sytske Hillenius</p><p>Content editors: Jamie McKew, Sandy Brady &amp; Andi Lawson-Moore</p><p>Design: Design Bones, Nick Humphries</p><p>Cover: Studio Ink, Dale Harris and Leah Hartley </p><p>Photography: Peter van der Veer, Ferne Millen, Melissa Smith, James Pevitt, Perry Cho &amp; Trevor Hovenden. </p><p>PRINCIPAL SPONSORS</p><p> PRINCIPAL MEDIA PARTNER </p><p> COMMUNITY MEDIA PARTNER</p><p>WELCOMES 24</p><p>Directors Welcome 2 </p><p>Presidents Welcome 3</p><p>Festival Ambassadors Welcome 4</p><p>THE PORT FAIRY EXPERIENCE 67</p><p>FEATURES 819</p><p>Special Features 8</p><p>Theme Concerts 9 </p><p>Port Fairy Traditions 11 </p><p>Words at Port Fairy 1213 </p><p>APRA AMCOS 14</p><p>Launches 15</p><p>Awards 1617</p><p>Artist of the Year 1819 </p><p>ARTISTS 2036</p><p>PROGRAM 3748</p><p>Map 37</p><p>Venues 3839</p><p>Program Grid 3845</p><p>Genre List 4445</p><p>Quick Guide 4647</p><p>App, Radio, Merch + Music Shop 48</p><p>WORKSHOPS 5052</p><p>FRINGE 5563</p><p>Fringe Music 5657</p><p>Folk Circus &amp; Street Invaders 5861</p><p>Craft for Kids 6263</p><p>INSTRUMENT MAKERS 6467</p><p>ARTICLES 7078</p><p>THANK YOU 79</p><p>FESTIVAL HELP &amp; EMERGENCIES 80</p><p>Festival Program Download</p><p>Or get a copy of our mobile App available at</p></li><li><p>DIRECTORS WELCOME</p><p>We have cooked up a huge pot of energising and inspiring music, words, and stories as a feast of soul food. This brew must hit the spot, to attract so many thousands annually to our great gathering the Woodstock of the West. Our festival is testimony to the magical power of live music performance. It is though, an ephemeral gathering, magically appearing and dissolving away like clouds on the breeze; like a huge swarm of bees in a garden, gathering the pollen for the secret life of plants. We are reminded that we would take bees and music for granted, only at our peril. </p><p>We applaud you for supporting the cultural experience that The Port Fairy Project presents; for finding the true value of this music and the honeyed essence of community. As a social project, The Gross Happiness Index swings into the red-hot zone; the cultural capital heads skywards, while the world economic models tumble in the tides. Pete Seegers peace song comes to mind and the words - When will they ever learn?. </p><p>We have hosted an ever-growing list of international artist luminaries since our 1977 beginnings. This year we welcome Buffy Sainte-Marie, Sinad OConnor, Richard Thompson, and Charlie Musselwhite. Along with all our artists, we are inspired by their creative works and honour their enrichment of our lives.</p><p>Sinad, OConnor joins the welcome stream of wonderful musicians to visit us from Ireland. We are ever-ready to celebrate the deep roots of Irish and Celtic culture in this region the Green Rainbow at the end of a Great Ocean Road. We also feature the amazing players of the Heartstring Quartet, Sharon Shannon Band, and the incredible fiddler, Martin Hayes with The Gloaming a truly groundbreaking ensemble.</p><p>Charlie Musselwhite is rightly regarded as one of the great exponents of the blues harmonica. Richard Thompson returns, for the first time Downunder with his wonderful band. The incredible Buffy Sainte-Marie brings a breathtaking legacy of songs and a lifetime of activism for her first nation people and world peace. Buffy and Sinad are cultural activists armed with words and music. </p><p>These truly inspirational acts are noted among our 118 acts and we applaud them all for weaving the magic and the muse with us over these days. Together they will perform at over 472 events, 317 concerts, 38 workshops and 20 venues over 4 days but whos counting? Have a great time and we wish you a wonderful festival.</p><p>Jamie McKew Festival Director 39th Port Fairy Folk Music Festival 2015</p><p>With big thanks also to The Committee; Sandy Brady and colleagues in Program Admin; artist tour agents; sponsors; media crew, graphics &amp; production crews; the hundreds of volunteers and to all others who help convert a massive jigsaw puzzle into a festival for 15,000 people a day. Thank you Derek Guille, the Festival Ambassador. Very special thanks always to my wife Liz and the family. We lost a great friend of the festival in Dennis O'Keeffewe dedicate this year's festival to him.</p><p>I hear a lotta buzzing, sound like my little honey bee I hear a lotta buzzing, sound like my little honey bee She been all around the world making honey But now she is coming back home to me</p><p>Honey Bee by Muddy Waters</p><p>Hes five feet two and hes six feet four He fights with missiles and with spears Hes all of thirty-one and hes only seventeen Hes been a soldier for a thousand years</p><p>Universal Soldier by Buffy Sainte-Marie</p><p>Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the soldiers gone? Long time ago. Where have all the soldiers gone? Theyve gone to graveyards, every one. Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?</p><p>Where Have All the Flowers Gone by Pete Seeger(nb: topically, some of the words came from a Ukrainian Folk Song!)</p><p>We are stardust, Billion year old carbon We are golden, Caught in the devils bargain And weve got to get ourselves, back to the garden</p><p>Woodstock - by Joni Mitchell</p><p>Welcome back to our garden of music, stages and beaches at this </p><p>39th Port Fairy Folk Music Festival.</p><p>2</p><p>WE</p><p>LCO</p><p>MES</p></li><li><p>PRESIDENTS WELCOME</p><p>In 1991, the Port Fairy Folk Festival Committee commenced a long journey to continue the success of our folk festival. Twenty-four years later, we are still at the forefront of folk festivals within Australia and a must attend event on the musical calendar. We are here to enjoy the 39th festival this year and looking forward to the 40th festival extravaganza in 2016.</p><p>As part of our journey, the Committee has been fortunate to have many great members. This year, the Australia Day awards presented an OAM to Margaret Whitehead for her services to the community of Port Fairy. Margaret has been a long time committee member and has been in charge of recruiting many of the volunteers that assist our event over the weekend. Her decades of service to the festival and many other voluntary organisations in the district made her a standout choice for the award. Our former treasurer, Graeme Kershaw, received the Port Fairy Belfast Lions Club James ONeill Memorial Award for community service. Graeme was treasurer from 1994 to 2012 and also chairperson of our Grants Committee, which contributes many dollars to clubs, charities and special projects throughout Port Fairy and district. Both of these people have given 1000s of hours to many organisations and our thanks and congratulations go out to them.</p><p>Our committee has also changed with the departure of Ian Wood from the role of Ticketing Portfolio and Executive Team member. Ians contribution will always be remembered as it was his research and enthusiasm that brought the festival on-line ticketing through Trybooking. His marketing and media input, together with special projects, ie the Reardon Theatre refurbishment, will leave a lasting memory. Thank you Ian for your </p><p>contribution and support. Ian will not be lost to the festival family as he has offered to help in future years and play a role with special projects.</p><p> There are various changes that we have made this 39th year to allow a smooth approach to the 40th. </p><p> We have purchased more chairs that will be used to increase the seating in Stages 1, 2, 3 and the Lighthouse. </p><p> Last year, we experimented with Stage 6 (now known as Stage 5) as a seated venue, and the response back to us has been positive.</p><p> The Lighthouse has become a music-only venue, with the food moved into the food court and the liquor licence moved to the back of Stage 2 which will also comprise a small outdoor licenced area. You will be able to purchase drink tickets for beer and wine in the Stage 2 Bar and the Shebeen Bar, which can be used in both venues. The Stage 2 Bar will have restricted opening hours.</p><p> INSTRUMENTworX has been moved closer to the Cricket Club rooms (FOLKworX venue) and some food and craft stalls have been shifted to give a better flow and feeling to The Arena.</p><p> The Folk Mass will be held at St Johns Church this year due to renovations at St Patricks. Check the program for the other masses being held.</p><p> The Childrens Area at Stage 6 is called The Family Folk Circus this year.Down the street, there is also the new Fiddlers Green Stage that has been built by a volunteer brigade under the tutelage of Jack Smits. The stage has been a huge success for Port Fairys other festivals and our thanks to all the helpers in the construction and planning of the Stage. The idea was a joint concept with Moyne Shire Council and Moyneyana Festival committee.</p><p>These changes are experiments to make the festival more accessible. However, we will appreciate your constructive comments.</p><p>So what is happening this year at the festival? The music program is amazing Jamie and the programing crew have put together a package that you would normally dream about. The artists will want to attend the other performances!! All ages have been catered for, so I do not expect to hear of anyone being disappointed.</p><p>Staying connected at this years Port Fairy Folk Festival will be easier, with Telstra is offering visitors to the festival with free Wi-Fi and improved mobile coverage. Six Wi-FI hotspots will be installed across the venue, offering free Wi-Fi to any Wi-Fi enabled device and for Telstra customers, a Cell on Wheels will be in place to make call and texting a breeze. </p><p>Once again, our contributions to the many volunteer organisations within the Port Fairy district have been outstanding. Of particular mention is the donation of $100,000 to assist the Marine Rescue crew to purchase a new vessel to assist in the many ocean rescues that are constant along our coast. Over the years we have made major contributions to our local SES, CFA and Surf Club for essential vehicles and equipment. In one sense, we hope that the emergency equipment is never utilised. However, many people fail to adhere to the many safety requirements both at sea and on our roads. So when you leave Port Fairy after yet another great weekend, please think of others on the roads. We have lost members of the festival family over the last 12 months through illness and accident and they will be in our thoughts during the weekend.</p><p>On a brighter note, we are planning events for the 40th festival and this Program Book has an article on how you can assist. We have a small, dedicated sub-committee to oversee the activities and we welcome novel ideas. Any suggestions are welcome.</p><p>On an even brighter note, Brenda and I married after last years festival so if you see her dancing and celebrating too much, please remind her that she is now the Presidents wife.</p><p>To the committee, Jamie, all our hard working staff (please read their names in the program) and all our contractors, volunteers, photographers and supporters, we do run a great festival so be proud of what we do for Port Fairy. As Margaret said, Port Fairy was a standout example of a town that helped itself.</p><p>Welcome and enjoy the weekend.</p><p>Bruce Leishman Festival President</p><p>3</p><p>WE</p><p>LCO</p><p>MES</p></li><li><p>GREETINGS FROM THE FESTIVAL AMBASSADOR</p><p>Welcome or welcome back to the Port Fairy Folk Music Festival. The 39th! My how time flies. Once again Jamie McKew, the Festival Director has done a mighty job putting together a program of fantastic Australian and International acts playing folk musics of all sorts. I use the plural because it is one of the best ways to answer that age-old question; What is folk music? </p><p>My answer is usually along the lines of; Music made by and for folks. (A bit flippant, I know, but ambassadors are very busy people.) More accurately, I think folk music actually includes concepts like cultural relevance and accessibility, traditional formatting and emotional connectivity. All of those notions have geographic, demographic and racial variations, but while Australian folk music is nothing like, say, Sudanese folk music, Australians can still recognise it is folk. If you get to see Ajak Kwai this weekend you will see what I mean.</p><p>Each year the township of Port Fairy welcomes the thousands of Folk Music fans and performers who make the journey to experience our Festival. A very large number of the townsfolk participate as volunteers, ensuring we visitors have a great time, and they deserve our gratitude.</p><p>A quick quiz question, and no asking Dr Google: If you were 6 when Buffy Sainte-Marie first appeared on Sesame Street, how old are you now? 45!</p><p>This is the first chance I have had to see her in concert and Ive been a fan for more than 45 years.</p><p>Enjoy number 39 and maybe Ill bump into you at the Big Sunday Singout.</p><p>Derek Guille - Ambassador</p><p>4</p><p>WE</p><p>LCO</p><p>MES</p></li><li><p>THE PORT FAIRY EXPERIENCE</p><p>VENUES + CONCERTSThe festival embraces the village from the beaches to the river and streets, churches and halls with music and events throughout the community as a unique experience.</p><p>FESTIVAL ARENA OPENING + CLOSING TIMES </p><p>FRI 5.00pm 1.00am SAT &amp; SUN 8.30am 1.00am MON 8.30am 2.00pm</p><p>ESSENTIAL AUDIENCE GUIDE </p><p>In order for all audience members to enjoy the concerts, please remember the following:</p><p> Turnoffmobilephonesorswitchthem to silent</p><p> Listen inside please talk outside</p><p> Make space please do The Shuffle</p><p> Do not obstruct views</p><p> Do not reserve spaces. Unattended chairs/rugs may be removed</p><p> Keep aisles clear</p><p> Be a good neighbour</p><p>VENUE ADMISSION </p><p>Patience is a virtue at festivals. Seating at venues in the Arena is limited. Some popular shows can reach capacity and we will put up House Full signs. If you are unable to see a show of first choice, the upside may well be new discoveries at the next stage and a great tale to share later on.</p><p>VENUE SEATING + CHAIR GUIDE </p><p>Most stages have grassed surfaces and patrons usually bring low chairs and rugs to sit on at the front sections of the venues. All festivals seem to have issues concerning seating and no one solution works for all situations. If we all do our best, things should work out. It helps to be considerate and make friends.</p><p>It can take a while to settle into the festival groove so it will help a lot to check through these festival essentials to make the most of the weekend. A festival is always a busy time, full of discovery, inspiration, energy, fun and music. Its also a time to share with friends and the festival community. We hope you have an exciting and memorable festival.</p><p>Our venues will be colour marked to designate seating arrangements:</p><p>WHITE SECTION </p><p>The front of venues will be marked white for ground seating and low-height chairs only. The chairs in this area must have maximum measurements of 20cm seat height and 65cm back height. </p><p>RED SECTION </p><p>The area marked red will be for higher chairs. NB: no higher chairs in Stage 3. This area will always b...</p></li></ul>