populations & ecosystem. biosphere the thin upper part of earth’s surface and its atmosphere is...

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    The thin upper part of earths surface and its atmosphere is capable of supporting life.

  • HABITATA place where a plant or animal lives that provides the 4 basic needs.Animal life is closely linked to plant life

  • Size of habitat depends on the organism

  • EnvironmentThe conditions around an organism and how the organism changes and reacts to these conditions.Is affected by the climate, water, and soil as well as how the plants and animals react to each other

  • EcosystemArea where living things interact with each other and their environment. Environments can be large as wetlands, Deserts, tundra, or small as a pond, puddle, rotting log

  • BIOTIC FACTORSThe living parts of an ecosystem. Ex. Animals, plants

  • Abiotic FactorsThe non-living parts of an ecosystem.Ex. Weather and sunlight

  • ECOLOGYThe study of how living things interact within a community

  • ADAPTATIONA character or structure that helps an organism live and reproduce successfully in its environment overtime. http://interdependence.londongt.org/adaptation/index.php?chapter=starter&activity=venusFlytrap&editorialItem=instructions&teacher=false&fullScreen=false

  • BIOMENatural regions with similar climates and vegetation that provides similar habitats.There are many small communities in each biome

  • COMMUNITYTwo or more groups of different organisms living together and interacting with each other in the same area.

  • NicheThe specific role an organism has in its habitat.Includes all the activities and behaviors that satisfy an organisms need for food, water, living, space and reproduction

  • FOOD CHAINA group of organisms linked together in the order of which they feed on each other.Ex. Sun -> grass-> chicken -> eggs -> You

  • Grass is eaten by Grasshopper is eaten by Toad is eaten by Snake And snake is eaten by Hawk

  • FOOD WEBIs when food chains in a community link together.

  • PRIMARY SOURCEThe sun is the primary source of energy

  • PlantsUses the suns energy to make (produce) their own food by photosynthesis.Called Producers they are the only organisms in the chain that can use nonliving matter to produce (make) food.

  • ANIMALSAre not able to produce their own food, they must eat other organismsCalled consumers Consumer means they have to eat organisms that make their own food (plants)Broken into groups based on what they eat


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