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Author and speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso\'s provocative slides.


  • 1.Popular SlidesFrom Popular Talks www.MichaelAngeloCaruso.com (248)224-9667

2. 5 Cool Ideasfor Being Pro-Active

  • Communication reduces stress
  • Confrontation is good
  • Passive, assertive or aggressive?
  • No one has enough self-esteem
  • Change comes with practice

3. Secret for dealingwith difficult people . . . Find something you like about people you dont like. 4. 5 Cool Ideas forPro-Active Communication

  • Practice a power hour
  • Smile thru doorways
  • Walk with purpose
  • Sit in the Power Seat
  • Have a killer elevator speech

5. The 15 most powerful words you can ever use with anotherperson are . . . 6. Never say. . .

  • Obviously
  • I am so tired!
  • Let me be honest with you
  • Youre all set!
  • Have a nice day

7. When you show interest in others, Others show interest in you.Hmmm . . . 8. Wanna be a better person? Michael Angelo Carusos book, 5 Cool Ideas for Better Working,Living & Living, will help youimprove in 60 areas, such as howto manage your time, how to solveproblems quickly and how to give killer presentations. Over 300 ideas to make your life better at work and at home.Bulk discounts are available.Order atwww.MichaelAngeloCaruso.com. 9. No time to read? Listen to CDs on - Time Management - Stress Busting - Dealing WithDifficult People - Creating Success . . . Includes four, 30-page e-books! MichaelAngeloCaruso.com


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