popular apps for the deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, and deafblind

Download Popular Apps for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, and DeafBlind

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  • 1. Apps 101 for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late Deafened, DeafBlind and Speech Disability As of Thursday, October 9, 2014 PowerPoint updated by Feta Fernsler and Betti Thompson
  • 2. Fancy Toys (Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET) (Credit: CNET)
  • 3. Apps Are Really Growing Over 900,000 apps for iOS Over 850,000 apps for Android All apps noted here are either built in or iOS/Android available.
  • 4. Accessibility Most smart phones and tablets come with built-in apps for accessibility More apps are available to download to customize needs
  • 5. Accessibility for Hearing Loss FaceTime, Skype, ooVoo Videophones for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing such as Sorenson nTouch, Z4, Z5, P3, and Convo Captioned Phones such as Clear Captions, Hamilton Relay and Sprint Relay Video Remote Interpreters Closed Captions Text Messages, Emails Mono Audio, Louder TV Visible and Vibrating Alerts Hearing Aid Compatible
  • 6. Accessibility for Low Vision Voice Over Siri or phone assistant Speak Selection Dictation, Dragon Zoom Large Text Invert Colors Magnification & Binoculars
  • 7. Magnification & Binoculars
  • 8. Everyday Notes & Reminders iOS and Android Calendars Google Calendar Google Task Manager Evernote Got Milk RX Reminder Two Touch Timer Cozi
  • 9. Google Task Manager
  • 10. Notes, Reminders and Tasks Evernote app Sorenson BuzzCards app (iOS only) RxmindMe Prescription (iOS) Google Calendar (Android)
  • 11. Relay Options good for backup Hamilton Captel Z5 VP Sorenson nTouch (VCO capable)
  • 12. InnoCaption InnoCaption delivers captions to your smartphone using CART Finally approved by FCC May 2014
  • 13. Other telecommunication options IP Relay (from Purple) Google Voice
  • 14. Type, Listen and Speak apps TapToTalk speaks out requests based on what pictures you picked. Speak It - type what you say and it speaks for you Google Translate (supports a wide variety of languages)
  • 15. Type, Listen and Speak apps (contd) Dragon Dictate - type what you say and it speaks for you Tobii Sono Flex as talking board
  • 16. Translation (Language) Services Closed cAPPtioned (Voice to text) Google Translate (supports a wide variety of languages)
  • 17. More for Speech Challenge iSpeech TTS Pocket Talk Lite
  • 18. Closed Captions ABC Family Amazon Instant Video CaptionFish CBS Cox Communications Contour CW TV Now Discovery Hulu Plus NBC Netflix PBS Subtitles Watch ABC Watch TBS Watch TNT YouTube YouTube Caption Settings Netflix iPad 2 Galaxy 4S
  • 19. Video Messages Glide
  • 20. Watch Out for Auto Correct!
  • 21. For Music Lovers SoundHound recognizes music playing around you (available on Android and iOS)
  • 22. Visible and Vibrating Alerts LightFlow1 Silence 3 Otosense 3 Flash Alarm Clock1 Vibration Notifier1 Audio Alert (SS12) 1 ViBe1 Flashing Timer2 iPads do not have a built in vibrator, however, you can use a bluetooth compatible watch instead. The picture here is for the Note 3 tablet/phone. Key: 1 - Android only 2 - iOS only 3 - Both iOS and Android
  • 23. Nice to have! Speed Test (tests Internets speed) Key Ring get rid of that stack of loyalty cards! Flashlight (Dont get caught in the dark again!)
  • 24. Reference Desk on the Go Merriam-Webster Dictionary Yellow Pages Google Maps
  • 25. Photo/Phone Backup and Security DropBox Google Drive iCloud Lookout Prey Lookout - Backups contacts handy if phone breaks/lost Dropbox - Backups pictures handy if phone breaks/gets lost
  • 26. Weather & Emergency Notifications Provides free earthquake email alerts (several apps exist not all free or come with a time delay response) www.emergencyemail.org Provides free email alerts of severe weather, health, homeland and cyber alerts Your favorite local TV Channel WeatherBug app includes NWS (National Weather Service) alerts
  • 27. In Case of Emergency (ICE) ICE substitute - put lost/emergency info here. (Built-in app here Android) ICE card - Keeps medical info on everyone in family handy for emergencies. ICE (In Case of Emergency) (iOS app)
  • 28. Resources www.deafhh.org then click Deaf Apps at the top tab
  • 29. Questions/Ideas? Betti Thompson at betti@deafhh.org


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