Pope Dedicates New Roman Shrine to Pagan Mary

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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Pope Dedicates New Roman Shrine to Pagan Mary</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Pagan Sun Worship and Catholicism</p><p>Pope Dedicates New Roman Shrine to the Virgin Maryhttp://www.aloha.net/~mikesch/newshrine.htm</p><p>On July 4th, 1999, Pope John Paul II dedicated a new shrine to the Virgin Mary on the outskirts ofRome, built in commemoration and thanksgiving of the sparing of the city from Allied bombing</p><p>during World War II. Of particular note in the design of the shrine, is the large expanse of</p><p>symbolic stained glass, which is briefly described in a Zenit News Agency article as follows:</p><p>Two large stained glass windows measuring 17,000 square feet transform the light in the interior to</p><p>an intense blue. These are enormous blue glass walls, reminders of Mary's color. A huge red sun</p><p>breaks the ensemble to emphasize Christ's central role.</p><p>Source: Zenit News Agency, July 5th, 1999POPE INAUGURATES ROMAN SHRINE OF VIRGIN OF DIVINE LOVE.</p><p>As the above photo makes quite clear, the stained glass depicts a red and yellow sun on a sky-blue</p><p>background. This is but another example of Catholicism adopting the symbology of pagan sun</p><p>worship, and "baptizing" it into the Catholic Church by merely substituting Christian names for thepagan.</p>http://zenit.org/english/archive/9907/ZE990705.html#item1http://zenit.org/english/</li></ul>