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Highly efficient mini energy pumps with energy label A


Heating Air-conditioning / Refrigeration Service water

Where service still means real services

Birals partners are among the best. Together we do our utmost to offer the final consumer a perfect service. A whole range of services help our partners to achieve their own high quality, economical performance. These services include: Service team Our personnel is on hand to offer fitters help and advice around the clock, seven days a week. Not only is our personnel familiar with our own pumps: our service team members also have expert knowledge of all kinds of different heating systems. They know where problems can occur and the solutions that are available. Delivery service We deliver pumps and spare parts where theyre needed. If necessary immediately, even before the heating system has had time to cool down.

Hotline A team of qualified experts advise fitters and planning engineers whenever they require support. Quickly and without fuss, so that problems can be solved on the spot whenever they arise. Documentation The more complex and varied heating systems become, the more crucial the correct choice and installation of the pumps. Our documentation, catalogues and PC programs considerably simplify these procedures. Training programs For fitters, planning engineers and junior personnel. Topics go far beyond the range and technology of our own pumps. They also include sales issues and general matters of work organization and business management. These services are financed through the price of our pumps, which are slightly higher than those of our competitors. Our successful customers have long known that nowadays there is nothing to be gained financially by purchasing a pump a little more cheaply. By paying just that little bit more, you can save time, avoid irritation, and prevent malfunctions. And thats what our services are there for.

Services: success for Biral partnersRepairs and spare-parts service 24-hour service

Delivery service Training and instructionDocumentation and layout aids

Advice Product structure according to application situation Outstanding pumps Swiss quality Product range Consulting services Long-term follow-up and supportEarnings potential

IntroductionPage 2 3 4 6 10 Biral innovator of energy label A technology Quality features of Biral heating circulating pumps The right pump at the right place Notes for project planning and installation Standards and obligations Old circulation pumps are true energy guzzlers Schedule for eco-design guidelines

Heating circulation pumps You enjoy your cosy warm home. And the Mini-Energy pump from Biral allows the heating water to circulate. Silently and with maximum efficiency!

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Single pumps Twin pumps

Cold water circulation pumps 31C outside temperature. The air-conditioning in the office ensures a comfortable working atmosphere. And the Mini-Energy cold water pump from Biral plays its part. With maximum efficiency.Page 25 37 Single pumps Twin pumps

Intelligent service water pumps You turn on the shower as usual. And the AXW-smart from Biral already knows. Thanks to smart-technology!

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AXW smart

Service water pumps Seepark Hotel, Thoune. The man in suite 57 turns on the shower. And Biral AXW is on the spot with maximum efficiency.

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Service water

Service water

Air-conditioning/ Refrigeration


Biral innovator of energy label A technology

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promoted by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy Co.

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Biral with EU energy label A One of the most effective methods countries can use to reduce the increasingly alarming pollution of the environment is to help make consumers aware of the consequences of their actions and indicate ways in which they can act more responsibly. If, in addition, costs simultaneously and increasingly punish negligent behaviour, as in the case of energy, there is added incentive to take remedial action. Electrical appliances, to which pumps also belong, are designated throughout Europe with standard labels. Coloured arrows indicate the energy efficiency of the appliance. This is subdivided into seven so-called energy classes: a class A appliance is particularly economical, while units of class G consume a great deal of energy. In this way the consumer can assess at a glance the energy efficiency of a unit.

Biral mini-energy pumps since 2000 As long ago as November 2000, Biral won the Wuppertal energy and environment prize, in addition to the Swiss Prix Eta Plus. This was achieved with the heating circulating pump MC 10, the efficiency of which exceeded all previous values.

AXW smart the intelligent Mini-Energy service water pump The world innovation AXW smart was distinguished with the VSK award at the VSK trade-fair in Utrecht. The jury congratulated Biral on this new product. The self-taught pump ensures maximum comfort with massive energy savings. The smart technology learns your consumption habits and provides hot water at the right time.

Biral Pioneers in power-saving heating circulation pumps The Product Test foundation tested nine heating pumps. The test criteria were energyefficiency, handling and suitable design for recycling. The Biral pump is highly economical and received the distinction very good!

Biral was already a leader at that time with regard to efficiency and has gradually enhanced its superiority. In the meantime of course heating systems of all sizes can be fitted with pumps bearing the A-label for maximum energy efficiency: for the sake of the environment and for greater operating reliability to save energy costs.


Quality features of Biral heating circulating pumpsThree main demands are made of our circulating pump: silent operation years of reliable use low energy consumption In order to satisfy these requirements in an increasingly better manner, Biral pumps have been continuously further developed for decades. Manufacture takes place in a modern plant in Mnsingen using the best and fully-proven materials. All circulating pumps are based on fully-proven mechanical components optimised over many years: The indestructible precision sliding bearings ensure silent operation and largely determine the long service life of the pump The high temperature resistance of the winding ensures a long service life. It permits use with high temperature media. The ingenious water supply to the rotor space ensures immediate lubrication of the bearings and even makes venting unnecessary when commissioning small pumps. The new A-series provides significant energy savings. The new motor technology permits energy savings up to 60 percent! Automatic pressure regulation with variable rate of flow ensures a further saving User-friendly operation permits simple adjustment to the required operating conditions The watts indicator shows the end user the current power consumption directly on the pump Various auxiliary modules permit integration of the pump in domestic control systems


The right pump at the right placeIt is a fundamental Biral principle to offer exactly the right pump to suit every application.

Field of application

1- or 2-family home

Multiple dwelling Hospital Hotel Administration

AMini-Energy pumps Standard pumps Mini-Energy pumps


Radiator and floor heating Single pumps Heating

AX 12 13

MX 10 13 LX 321 323

A 12 A 401 A 402 V2 A 801 V2 A 802 A 1002

Twin pumps


AD 401 AD 402 V2 AD 652 V2 AD 802

Service water circulation Service water

Air-conditioning/ Refrigeration

Airconditioning/ cooling applications Geothermal Heat pump

A 12 KW A 401 KW

MX 10 13 LX 321 323

A 402 V2 KW A 801 V2 KW A 802 KW A 1002 KW

AXW 12 13 AXW 10 14 smart

WX 10 13

AXW 13 AW 15 AW 401 AW 402 V2 AXW 13 smart, 14 smart


Industry Commercial premises Office buildings

AStandard pumps Mini-Energy pumps Standard pumps

M 14 15 LX 325 L 1004

A 12 A 401 A 402 V2 A 801 V2 A 802 A 1002

HX 301 802

MD 14 15 LXD 325 LD 1004

AD 401 AD 402 V2 AD 652 V2 AD 802

HXD 301 802

M 14 15 LX 325 L 1004

A 402 V2 KW A 801 V2 KW A 802 KW A 1002 KW

HX 301 802

WX 13 14 W 313 315 W 401 403

AXW 13 AW 15 AW 401 AW 402 V2 AXW 13 smart, 14 smart

WX 13 14 W 313 315 W 401 403


Notes for project planning and installation1. Selection of circulating pump 2. Required operating pressure at circulating pump

Recommendation for regulated circulating pumps Regulated circulating pumps continually adjust the flowrate along a pre-defined characteristic with changing pipe characteristics.

Nevertheless it is also worthwhile here to make a careful choice of the right pump size.

If the operating pressure is too low, adequate lubrication of the pump sliding bearings (water lubrication) is not ensured and therefore their service life is reduced. The values specified should therefore be observed without fail. The required operating pressure depends on the type of pump, the maximum temperature of the medium and the static pressure. If the position of the expansion vessel is not ideal, the operating pressure at the pump inlet when operating the pump can be reduced further (see fig. 2).