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A powerpoint presentaion on polyvinyl siloxane impression materials.


  • POLYVINYL SILIOXANE IMPRESSION MATERIALAlso known as addition polysilicone.Trade name:Reprosil.COMPOSITION:2-paste system-Base paste- Reactor paste- -Polysilicone prepolymer -polysilicone prepolymer with with terminal silane gp. terminal vinyl gp. -Colloidal silica - powdered silica-filler - chloroplatinic acid-catalyst - liquid of base polymer-retarder - colour pigment.

  • IMPORTANT PROPERTIES:Biocompatible.highest elastic recovery-99.93%good tear strength-3500g/cmdimensionally stableMERITS- DEMERITS-pleasant to handle. -expensive with automaticexcellent elasticity mixer.shorter s.t. -shorter w.t.dimensionaly stable -H2 gas releasedall viscosities avalible -high surface tension.can be electroplated -hydrophobic-so hydrophilic .USES:Imp. Of crowns n brigdes.Cavity Imp of inlays n onlays.Imp of partailly n completely edentulous mouths.

  • APPLICATION IN FORENSIC STUDIES-ACCUTRANSFor forensic applications- better details obtained as compared to a camera.Available as transparent,brown n white.Brown-tool marks.White-marks on refrigerators,doors,computers etc.But with above two problem of getting reverse image so transparent used.Accutrans-accu-accurate n trans transparent.

  • Vein like structure inside the tube aiding in automatic mixing of components. With the use of the 1 wide spreader tip attached to the mixing tip covers a single print perfectly, with a minimal amount of material. Spreader Tip virtually eliminates operator error.

  • ADVANTAGES: No mixing required. Accurate dispensing. Ideal for rough surfaces. Flexible & accurate. Setting time - 4 minutes. Long lasting. Non-toxic. In simple words-FAST. EASY. ACCURATE.

  • IMPRINT-IIImprint-II is a three-viscosity, polyvinyl silioxane impression material which, according to its manufacturer, features a short setting time and excellent drip resistance for patient comfort. 3 VISCOSITIES--for syringe use-low viscosity-yellow.-for syringe use-regular viscosity-green-for tray use-high viscosity-purple (3M also claims that the product uses a new automix gun dispenser that is 40% more powerful so providers will have to exert less effort to dispense the high viscosity form of the material. )

  • The Bad: Viscosity higher than comparable materials. Working time may not be sufficient for complex procedures. Slightly more expensive than comparable materials. The Bottom Line: A quick-setting polyvinyl siloxane impression material with increased drip resistance, which captures accurate detail but has high viscosity and a working time that may be short for complex procedures.

  • SILGINATSilginat alginate alternative is a medium-bodied viscosity, polyvinyl silioxane impression material .Alginate properties: PVS properties:Low tear resistance -high dimensional stability- so no disloging restorations so impression can be kept and orthodontic appliances. for weeks n poured multiple times. Silginat is also highly thixotropic and flows properly under pressure. Complete Set Time-3 Minutes - Foil Bags 2 Minutes 30 Seconds - Cartridge

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