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  • 1. R E C Y C L I N G - I D A V I E - POLLUTION

2. PANT In Norway, we collect all our empty bottles and return them to big machines and we call it pant Whenever we give/pant a bottle, we get some money. From 1,- to 2,50 ,- This is the same money that we pay for the can or bottle, when we buy them in the stores. 3. GARBAGE RECYCLING We recycle food waste, paper, plastic and hazardous waste etc. separately We have different containers for all of these Our hazardous waste like paint, glue, batteries and spray cans are delivered to own receptions in red boxes 4. GLASS AND METAL RECYCLING 90 % of our glass is recycled, and recycled glass can be used as reflexes in traffic signs, new glass and isolation in houses We separate between colored and uncolored glass 5. RECYCLING OF CARTONS In Norway we recycle our drinking cartons in a special way We clean them, fold them and put them together We send them to recycling companies and they are made into envelopes and corrugated cardboard 6. RECYCLING OF FOOD WASTE We separate our food waste from the other garbage, and throw it in brown paper bags The food is later going through a rotting process and is turned into Biogas and electricity. 7. CLOTHES Norway has a major consume of clothes and throw away a lot of clothes that someone else maybe could use. We have an organization that collect used clothes and give them away/ sell them for a small amount of money to needy people. In that way we dont have to throw them away