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<ul><li> 1. Republican Party of Sarasota County Online Poll Results: Top Issue Facing Our CountryU.S. Senate PrimaryRepublican Presidential Primary1,065 ResponsesConducted: 9/19/11 &amp; 9/23/11</li></ul> <p> 2. Top Issue Facing The CountryWhat do you believe is the top issue650facing America today? 612487.5Nat. Security &amp; War on Terror: 2% (20)Immigration: 3% (30)Economy: 27% (283)Size of Governement &amp; Out-Of-Control Spending: 57% (613)Government Ethics &amp; Curruption: 3% (31) 325Health Care: 0% (5)Taxes: 1% (8) 283Social Security: 0% (1)Education: 0% (1) 162.5Other: 7% (75)ResponsesNational Security &amp; War on Terror20Immigration30Economy 283Size of Government &amp; Out-Of-Control 612 75Government SpendingGovernment Ethics &amp; Corruption0 20 30 31 318Health Care 55 1 1Taxes 8Social Security 1 The top issue facing America, by far &amp; doubling the next top issue, is the Size ofEducation 1Other75 Government &amp; Out-Of-Control Government Spending. 3. FL U.S. Senate 2012 PreferenceIf the Republican Primary Election were held today, whichRepublican candidate would you support for the U.S. Senate?237Adam Hasner 22% (237)60Craig Miller 6% (60)George LeMieux 25% (262)262Mike McCalister 19% (204)Other 28% (303) 204303 0100 200 300 400Responses Adam Hasner237 Craig Miller60 George LeMieux 262Most of the poll respondents are still unsure of who they will support in the Mike McCalister Other204303Republican Primary for U.S. Senate 4. 2012 Republican Presidential Primary PreferenceIf the Republican Primary Election were held today, which ResponsesGary Johnson21Republican candidate would you support for President?Herman Cain129Jon Huntsman16Newt Gingrich 64Gary Johnson 2% (21)Michele Bachmann21Mitt Romney73 192Herman Cain 12% (129) Rick SantorumRick Perry12919 318Jon Huntsman 2% (16)Ron PaulOther16 18846Newt Gingrich 6% (64) 64Michele Bachmann 7% (73)73Mitt Romney 18% (192)192Rick Santorum 2% (19)19Rick Perry 30% (318) 318Ron Paul 18% (188) 188Other 4% (46)46 0 62.5125 187.5 250Rick Perry leads the pack at 30%. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul both follow at18%. 5. Join The Party Of 10,000+ Florida Republicans on Facebook!Facebook.com/RepublicanPartyOfSarasota</p>


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