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<ul><li> 1. PollEverywhere.com<br />PollEverywhere.com<br />PollEverywhere.com<br />Easy like Sunday morning<br />Easy like Sunday morning<br />Easy like Sunday morning<br />By: Kelly Warren<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Easy to sign up<br />All you have to do is go to:PollEverywhere.com<br />Click:Sign Up<br />Enter: Full Name, email, and create a password<br />Check box if youre an educator<br />Choose Country for which texting will be coming from<br />Check box to Agree to Terms of Service..<br />Click:Sign up for Account<br /> 3. Create a Poll<br />Choose a poll template:<br /></p> <ul><li>Multiple Choice </li></ul> <p> 4. Free text 5. Goal For my demonstration I chose to ask: What kind of phone do you have? with Answers: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, or Other.<br />I created it and even shared it on Facebook, although you can send the link wherever you want. <br /> 6. Participants<br />To participate in the poll; you need to either click on the link, or in Facebook click on the icon on the message.<br />The link will then open in the status area and prompt you to TEXT a CODE of your choice for whatever answer you choose.<br /> 7. Waiting for Results<br />Results show almost immediately and you can watch it in real-time.<br /> 8. Fun to use<br />After you start getting results, it gets addicting to use. <br />You will want to make even more polls after your first one. <br /> 9. Use for Classroom Attendance<br />Would be great for teachers to use in the classroom to take attendance, to give students a hands on approach.<br />The only drawback is to make sure they know to put cell phones away after doing attendance poll. <br /> 10. Use for business meetings<br />Lets say you want to find out what the majority vote is on a business policy without knowing who said what.<br />Its great for anonymous voting<br /> 11. Use for Evaluations<br />When students do teacher evaluations, its great because it gives students a more hands on approach. <br />Its also moving with technology and students should be thrilled that they are allowed to use their cell phone.<br /> 12. Use for Elections<br />Would be a great idea for Political Elections because you can only vote once from a number.<br />That would eliminate extra votes from appearing out of thin air.<br /> 13. Try it today!<br />PollEverywhere.com<br /></p>