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Political Cartoons


Students will analyze the elements of political cartoons.

Students will create 1Political Cartoon ElementsCaricatures Symbolism Irony Labeling Sarcasm The goals of a political cartoon are to influence public opinion and to depict what is currently going on in US government1. Irony the use of words to convey their opposite meaning (give examples) 2. Sarcasm a sharply mocking remark intended to hurt 3. Propaganda The systematic sharing of an idea or doctrine 2Caricatures exaggerated personal characteristics to make the picture more humorous


Symbolism is used to clarify the cartoons deeper meaning Questions to ask: What is a symbol in this cartoon?4Examples of SymbolsPeace dove, olive branch, victory signUnited States Uncle Sam, flag, stars and stripes, shield, ColumbiaDemocrats donkeyRepublicans elephantDeath vulture, skeleton with shroud, skull and crossbones, grim reaperLove heart, Cupid, VenusMoney dollar bill or dollar sign Irony the difference between the way things are and the way they should be

Exaggeration - overstating or magnifying a problem

Whats exaggerated?

Labeling is used to make it clear exactly what they stand for Symbol & labelLabelSymbol & LabelLabelSymbols can be labeled, however, just because something is labeled does not make it a symbol.

10Sarcasm remarks or pictures that intend to hurt

How is sarcasm used?Whose Who?

Republicans Democrats

The Republican Party is also known as the GOP and stands for Grand Ole Party. It was founded by the anti-slavery

Things to point out: Caption (Dessert, American Style) Talk bubble

Questions to ask: What is the symbolism? What is the irony ?What is the exaggeration? What is are the labels? What is the overall message, or main idea? What is the propaganda? 14

What does this say about what is currently going on in the United States government?