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  • 1. It it can be done,it must be done ROTARY INTERNATIONALDISTRICT 3140

2. THE WORLD OF ROTARY.. 25 great movements have sprung up in the world In last 150 years..Rotary is one of them . 3. WORLDS LARGESTPRIVATE SERVICE ORGANIZATION. Hello! 4.

  • Rotary Foundation is ranked astop five NGOsfor corporate partnerships.
  • Rotary Foundation came in fifthin the global rankings of34 finalists.
  • 20,000 companies were surveyed worldwide ,identifying 550 NGOs,UN agencies, foundations, and other organizations

5. These little figures dont fake .. 6. Progress in Polio Eradication 1985:Polio in 125 countries with 325,000 cases / yr = 1,000 / day! 2010:Polio now endemic in 4 countries with + / - 1,000 / yr The Impact of Rotary! 7. 2009 Global 1,604 cases 2010 Global 1,294 cases 8. India on verge of polio eradication 96% (21) 88 % (42) 60 % (144) Polio travels without a passport! 9. 2009 = 741 / 1, 604 cases 2010= Just 42 / 1,294 cases It it can be done,it must be done 2011= Just 1 case in INDIA!!!!! 10. Success is due to the newrevolutionaryBivalent oral polio vaccine (bOPV)And sustained effort of Rotary 11. One single positive case of polio paralysisis an EPIDEMIC as it means it has affected 250 children already! 12. By participating in polio sNIDs We donotbecome a man of successbut rather become a man of value. 13. Since 1988, Rotary has contributed $ 800 million(11% of global budget & 64% of private sector contribution) Rotarys public advocacy resulted in$ 5 billionfor polio from private World contribution 1988 2010 :Total $ 7.94 billion for polio 14. For 2011 - 2012Funding gap is $ 720 million for core running costs, all sNIDs and emergency outbreak response. It costs around $1 billion per year to runvaccination programs worldwide. 15. External funding requirements 720 m $ for INDIA(230 240 m$ each year) 16. It's very clear:This is a make-or-break time for polio eradication." Theonlyreason why polio may now fail to get eradicated is LACK OF FUNDS 17. The Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationDonation Challenge to Rotary Foundation As of30 June , Rotarians have raised$ 160 mfor Rotary's $200 m Challenge He believes in Rotary! $355 m received by Rotary in challenge grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.$200 m Rotary needs to raise before 2012 to match this challenge $555 m This TOTAL will directly support NIDs in India 18. Since 1996 1) S tipends for millions of volunteers 2) S alaries for technical advisers 3) S urveillance4) S ocial mobilization5)O perational supportWhere do Rotary funds for polio go? Think like a man of action,act likea man of thought. 19. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL Polio Eradication program is thelargest public health program in historyof mankind . 2 billion children are immunized to date! 20. 60 lakhchildrenare walkingfree ( not permanently paralyzed )due to Rotarys efforts since 1985! 21. Do you knowwhat will happen if the world fails to eradicate polio? 99% success is 100% failure. > 1 croreof the worlds children will beparalyzed in the next 40 years 22. We are this close to ending polio As long as polio threatenseven one child anywhere in the world,children everywhere remain at risk. The stakes are that high. 23.

  • You change your perceptions,
  • You change your thoughts.
  • What you think,
  • you become.

24. Life gives a choice to become a man of success Rotary gives a chance to become a man of value 25. Polio Eradicationis not only about raising money; it is about saving children . 26. PLEASE DONATE FORPOLIO ERADICATION THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE PRAYING TO YOU FOR! 27. Be a PART of this legacy, not APART from it. Contact: Rtn B M Sivarraj Avenue Chair, Dist 3140 9321187111 ROTARY INTERNATIONALDISTRICT 3140