Police's jokey Facebook post warns lawbreakers not to post on Facebook

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  1. 1. Police's jokey Facebook post warns lawbreakers not to post on Facebook Police's jokey Facebook post alerts lawbreakers to not post upon Facebook -- Yahoo News This article, Police's jokey Facebook post warns lawbreakers never to post about Facebook, initially appeared about CNET. apresentando. Technically Inappropriate offers a somewhat twisted take on the technology that's absorbed our lives. View photo . The Dunwoody Police Section is keen on humor. Dunwoody Police/YouTube video clip Humor is really a dangerous weapon, especially when held in the hands of cops. Some have used it on social media. For instance , when they tweeted a stoner's to-do listing. Or whenever they went on Myspace to charge Nickelback with crimes in opposition to music. The Dunwoody Police Department inside Georgia, yet , has taken points a step more. It hopped to its Facebook page on Wednesday to offer a (possibly) humorous set of don't-dos committed to potential lawbreakers. Among the things: "1. ) Don't push recklessly upon Ashford Dunwoody Rd in addition to refuse to stop when officials initiate a traffic quit. 2 . ) Don't say goodbye to your car after hitting a new curb and immobilizing your automobile. 3. ) Don't operate from representatives... you will be rapidly apprehended. four. ) Following getting caught, don't inform officers that you were not the one driving (even though you had been the only one in a vehicle. ). " It sounds like they're talking about a real event, doesn't that? Or, no less than, the police's version of
  2. 2. a real event. The list did not stop right now there. It carried on: "5. ) Don't write-up a picture on the Facebook web page of you drinking beverage two hrs before the incident when you're only 19 years old. 6. ) Don't article videos in your Facebook web page of an individual going over a hundred and fifty mph along with your friends upon I-285. seven. ) May post movies on your Facebook page of you driving recklessly and performing termes conseills in an house complex building. " In the event you're in a doubt as to whether these occasions were genuine, the Dunwoody Police Department added: "Yes this just about all happened overnight. Don't be concerned, we got him or her off the roadways. " Fb commenters are actually largely supporting of the wit. Some, even though, might see a dangerous preceding in mocking those not yet convicted regarding crimes. More Technically IncorrectMoon landing billet get twitter update in the eye from physicist Brian CoxStephen Hawking backs $100 million effort to find aliensMicrosoft says Windows 10 is perfect for kids Still, police forces all over the world are far a lot more active within social media, since they believe it will help them gain positive vibrations from the regional populace. It could be taken too much. Last week, typically the Twitter account of the UK's National Atmosphere Service Authorities posted a surveillance digital camera image of a British comedian browsing the street. He previously done practically nothing wrong. He was suspected associated with no offense. They just thought it was humorous. Or anything. (The article was later on removed, however the police managed it failed to contravene virtually any data protection legislation. ) Those responsible for police departments' social media company accounts have the same problems as all those in charge of company social media company accounts.
  3. 3. Sometimes, you can say the incorrect thing. Company Legitimate & Legislation MattersFacebook google earth live