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  • 1. C = Cyan (Blue) M = Magenta (Red) Y = Yellow K = Black (mix all of these colors to get gray) Used in the printing industry.

2. What technologies do you think use this color system? Additive (Light) Color Theory 3. YESS!!! Televisions and Computer Monitors. Fun Fact: Red,blue, and Green are supposed to white (at least when talking about light). 4. Subtractive (Paint, dye, Pigment) Color Theory. 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLSP frUA0SI 6. Georges-Pierre Seurat (A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande jatte, 68x104cm (1884-1886). 7. Georges Seurat, View of Fort Samson1885 (65x81.5cm) 8. Paul Signac,Le palais des papes, Avignon, 1990, 73.5x92.5cm. 9. Paul Signac.The Jetty at Cassis, Opus. 1889 (46.4x65.1cm)

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