poetry styles non-fiction dewey 800 eq: what’s shape poetry?

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  • Poetry Styles Non-Fiction Dewey 800 EQ: Whats shape poetry?
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  • What is Poetry? Provides feelings and ideas Might show emotion using pictures Does not need to rhyme. Uses repetition and may use rhythm.
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  • Couplets The last word of the first line and last line rhyme. Sweet apple, red and round So nice to get you Off the ground!
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  • Apology Poem Dear Apple, I'm sorry that I picked you off the tree before you were ready to fall Please forgive me
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  • Sensory Poem I was standing in the orchard When I saw a lovely tree (sight) I heard an apple fall, (sound) It smelled so very sweet (smell) I took a bite...yum! (taste)
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  • Phrase Poem This form of poetry states an idea with a list of phrases. Eating Apples yum, yum, yum, crunching, munching healthy, juicy apples
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  • Cinquain Apples (one word) Juicy, sweet (two words) Red, yellow, green (three words) Yummy, delicious, fantastic, healthy (four words) Apples (one word)
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  • Five W'S Poetry Each line in this type of poem answers one of the 5 W's (who? what? when? where? why?) I Love eating apples In the morning In my kitchen Cause they are so good for me
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  • Diamond Poetry When centered this poem will take the form of a diamond. Apples (one word) Sweet, ripe (two words) Delicious, Empire, Cortland (three words) Pies, sauce (two words) Apples (one word)
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  • Shape Poetry 10
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  • Acrostic Poetry An acrostic poem is one in which certain letters, often the first letter of every line, form a name or a theme. Apples are yummy. Pretty and juicy. Please pick only when ripe. Licking jelly apples are fun. Eat them day and night.
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  • Now its your turn to write poetry! Choose an idea that you would enjoy writing a poem about Choose a style of poetry to use Write your poem as a rough draft Revise, changing or adding interesting words Edit your poem for spelling and punctuation Write your final copy after conferencing with your teacher. Poetry Slam! See Rubric http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/inter actives/theme_poems/ http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/inter actives/theme_poems/