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Download Poetry Pop-Ups Rhyming and Imagery. Rhymes Rhyming Sentences and Rhyming Stories

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  • Poetry Pop-UpsRhyming and Imagery

  • RhymesRhyming Sentences and Rhyming Stories

  • GLADIATOR Brian Curtisreprinted with permission

  • Once upon a time agoThere was a land named GatorWith a huge arena in its townWhere I was a Gladiator

  • Being quite small, only four feet tallBut never afraid of the beastsWith sword in hand Id protect the landWhile trying to keep the peace.

  • Until one night with such a frightBeneath a silver moonA monstrous figure as big as none biggerAppeared yelling out, Im Bigoon!

  • His feet pounded down thundering into the groundGiant tusks curved out from his jawsHis ugly face sneered and the folks disappearedAt the sight of his glistening claws

  • ThesaurusWord Shadows

  • Word ShadowsEvery word we use has a shadow. The shadows can be more mysterious, more creative, more silly

    Word Shadows are called Synonyms.

  • Finding Word ShadowsWord Shadows can be found in a thesaurus.

    You can look up words in a thesaurus the same way you use a dictionary.

    Find your word in the thesaurus, and you will see all its shadows- synonyms.

  • A Thesaurus Entry:Entry Word: poetFunction: nounText: a writer of verse Synonyms bard, muse, ParnassianRelated Word jongleur, rhapsodist, trouvere, balladist, elegist, idyllist, lyricist, lyrist, odist, satirist, sonneteer, sonnetist

  • The Thesaurus EntryThe first line on our Thesaurus Entry looked like this:

    Entry Word: poet

    This is how we find the word were looking for. Just like a dictionary.

  • The Thesaurus EntryThe second line of our Thesaurus Entry said:

    Function: noun

    Now we know that the word poet is a noun- a word that describes a person, place, or thing.

  • The Thesaurus EntryThe third line of our entry said:

    Text: a writer of verse

    This line defines the word, like a dictionary. It also gives us an example of how the word is used in a sentence.

  • The Thesaurus EntryThe third line said:

    Synonyms bard, muse, Parnassian

    This line tells us that the words bard, muse, and Parnassian mean the same thing as the word Poet.

  • The Thesaurus EntryFinally, the last line of our entry said:Related Word jongleur, rhapsodist, trouvere, balladist, elegist, idyllist, lyricist, lyrist, odist, satirist, sonneteer, sonnetist

    The words in this line are CLOSE to the same meaning as Poet.

  • Poetry Pop-UpMake your Book

  • MaterialsScissorsRibbonRulerHeavy-weight Scrap-booking paper (Cut 5 1/2 x 51/2 for the covers)Paper PunchGlue

  • Step OneBegin by rubbing glue on the back of each 5 x 5 piece of scrapbooking paper to make the covers of your book.

  • Step TwoPlace one strip of ribbon in the middle of each glued side cover.

  • Step ThreeCover the ribbon with another sheet of scrapbooking paper.

  • Step FourCreate a Rhyming Sentence using 7 Imagery Words. Use a Thesaurus.

  • Steps FiveType the sentence in Microsoft Word. Each word should be on its own page.

  • Step SixFind Clip-Art or use a Digital Camera to make pictures for each word. Place the pictures on the page it belongs.

  • Step SevenPrint out the Rhyme Pages.

  • Step EightLay each Rhyme Page out. Glue the pages together, with one edge on top of the other.

  • Step NineBend each page at the glued edge. Fold backward and forward until you reach the end.

  • Step TenGlue each blank end of the folded poetry pages to the covers.

  • Step ElevenSuccess! Now fold your book together and tie it shut with the ribbons. Great Job!!!