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Greek Heritage Month Presentation

Three most powerful Olympian goddesses portrayed in homers IliadShehneela NazRoll no- SN-1634th year 7th semester Department of EnglishUniversity of Dhaka


outlineIntroductionUse of gods and goddessesThe great war and background storyDescription -Hera -Aphrodite -AthenaConclusion


IntroductionPortrays significant roles played by the gods and goddesses in the war between Trojans and Spartans.It was believed that all their actions and works are pre-destined by these gods and goddesses.Love, revengefulness, hatred, jealousy and antagonism were common amongst the immortals as well.


Use of gods and goddessesTo bring twist in the plotTo introduce comedy into the poem The absurdities of gods and goddesses are counterpoint to the seriousness of what happens in the mortal sphere.Prophecy made by the gods and goddesses are Homers way to reveal the structure of his poem.Use of supernatural elements (gods/goddesses/deities/ prophecies) establishes the epic quality of the poem.


The great war and background storyEris the goddess of discord threw a golden apple for the most Goddess.Hera, Aphrodite and Athene all claimed the apple.Zeus appointed shepherd Paris to judge Hera, Athene and Aphrodite tried to bribe him with rich kingdom and power, wisdom and military success and the love of the most beautiful women in the world respectively.


Paris chose Aphrodite over the two other goddess and therefore was fated to have Helen.Paris was able to abduct Helen in the absence of Menelaus while being a guest of the Spartans.Menelaus then called all the suitors for the hand of Helen.They all assisted including his brother Agamemnon.


HeraWife and sister of ZeusQueen of goddessesGoddess of marriage and fertilityWas in favor of the Achaeans. Sends Athene to calm Achilles Was angry with Ares for helping the Trojans.Asked Poseidon to fight with AchaeansHera sent Iris with a secret message to Achilles about the death of Patroclus.


AtheneGoddess of wisdom and art-craftOffspring of Zeus alone and sprang from his head.Was in favor of the Greek.Protector of Odysseus.Tricks Trojan warrior Dandaros into breaking the truce and to shoot an arrow to Menelaus.


Restrains Achilles from killing Agamemnon in book-1. Hera and Athene caused thunder to clash show their approval and protection for Agamemnon.Tried to warn Ares that immortals interference in the Trojan war has been rusticated by Zeus.


AphroditeGoddess of love and beautyAphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione according to Homer.Hesiod says Aphrodite arose from the foam of the sea.Had romantic relationships with both mortals and immortals.Patroness of Paris and fought on the side of Trojans.


Saved Paris from Menelaus in the dual. Surrounded him in a mist and dropped him in his bed chamber.Helps Hera with a love charm so she can deceive Zeus.Weak in the battlefieldDiomedes, attacked the goddess, wounding her on the wrist with his spear and causing the ichor to flow.


ConclusionGods and goddesses are one of the most key factor to establish the plot of Iliad. Use of such supernatural machinery gave artistic cohesion to the poem