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Poems for… www.poemsfor.org by Rogan Wolf. www.poemsfor.org. www.poemsfor.org. Funding supplied by :. This project is supported by the Baring Foundation. MAYOR OF LOND ON. Things they have said : (1). www.poemsfor.org. Andrew Motion, UK Poet Laureate : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Poems for www.poemsfor.org by Rogan Wolf

  • www.poemsfor.org

  • Funding supplied by :MAYOR OF LONDONThis project is supported by the Baring Foundationwww.poemsfor.org

  • Things they have said : (1)

    Andrew Motion, UK Poet Laureate : Poems for is an inspired scheme I've been delighted to be a part of it.

    Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the UK National Health Service, 2010 :

    The Poems for initiative has made a valuable contribution to making NHS waiting rooms a more welcoming and sensitive environment for patients and the series of poems celebrating diversity has been particularly well received. www.poemsfor.org

  • Guides and MentorsChris Meade The RattlebagAlison Combes Fiona SampsonMalcolm Rigler Andrew Motion David Hart Debjani ChatterjeeSusan Elizabeth David Morris

    Stephen Watts


  • By 2004, poem collections had gone to :

    Over 50 UK Hospitals120 UK Community Health Centres50 UK Mental Health agencies50 Others


  • Then in 2007, schools caught up with Poems forMore than 80% of the demand for the poems now comes from schools

    About 500 schools a year join the scheme

    Most are located in UK, but many are from abroadMost of the demand is for the bilingual poems www.poemsfor.org

  • Over Ten Days in June 2010 -24 people registered with Poems for18 lived and worked abroad 18 were teachers, to use the poems in class Nepal - Gorka, Pokhara, Birgunj China - Xian, Beijing, Sichuan, Gansu Malaysia - Kuala Lumpar India - MumbaiArgentina - Buenos AiresBrazil Recife, Brasilia Mexico - Jiutepac Morelos Australia Brisbane USA - Santa Barbara, CaliforniaDubai


  • Things they have said :

    NHS Receptionist, Wiltshire :

    Dear Mr Wolf, I am totally delighted with them. They have attracted a lot of interestSome of the scripts are beautiful in their own right, even without the translations. One of the most striking aspects is that no matter what language and what ethnic background, our hopes, feelings and dreams are the same. Thank you once again.


  • Things they have said :Gareth Evans, Shangai, China, teaching English :

    it seems to be an important thing, at least to me, to know that the poem-posters on my class-room wall are also on walls around the world.


  • In ConclusionGood poems on display in public space can help connect people to themselves and to each other.

    We have the chance here to open people's lives to each other. David Hart, UK poet


  • www.poemsfor.org