podim 2016 | startup studios - the next important trend in new venture development

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Startup studios

Startup studios

Building startups with ease

If 9 / 10 startups fail, the recipe is wrongHard to get money

Incomplete team

Race against time

startup studio = build with Internal resourcesCapital + idea + Team

Initial build + validation

Spinoff + grow

Number of studios is exploding everywhere

eFounders.coEntrepreneur foundedThe 3rd cofounder modelB2B SaaS focus8 portfolio companies

Innohubmexico.comCorporate founders2-3 startups / year250 750k USD / startupAccess to SMB clients6 portfolio companies


12 startups since 201528 people

3 6 months, 10-20k EUR / startup initiative


High burnrate

Special teamEducation

cost-efficient and risk-free experimentation

Safety net

Core team

Access to $$$

You need strong founders, cash and patienceFocus

ProcessCashPayCore team

Startupstudioplaybook.comCase studiesBest practicesStudio trends

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We are starting a new studio fund1 million EUR40 new startups until 2020

Seed invest opportunity 15% 25 %$