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Keynote at SXSW Interactive 2012 Panel about Latinamerican Civic Media Experiences and Challenges. Presentacin en panel Experiencias y desafos de medios cvicos en Latinoamrica. SXSW Interactivo 2012.


  • 1. PODEROPEDIA who is who in business and politics keynote @ latinamerican in Chile civic media experiences panel SXSWI 2012
  • 2. data journalism project to map the chilean elite
  • 3. Editorial and crowdsourceddatabase website that shows youwho is who in ChileKeeps track of the civic, businessand political leaders of ChileMaps the One Percent`sconnections and shows you howthey are linked to each other
  • 4. a good example**basic raw network map of chilean deputy Rodrigo Gonzlez
  • 6. Chileans in*Forbes, March 2012
  • 7. #OccupyJournalism
  • 8. human robot data mashup +
  • 9. Journalist + Users + Custom Ontology + Linked data + RDF + Triple Stores + Scraping PROFILE Editorial overview + Hard data sheet of an entity + Relationship map + Sources/ Footnotes + Related documents
  • 10. Poderopedia`s way-We lter information from public sources andcrowdsourcing-Scrape data from open gov and private databases-Users help us by showing connections and unknownfacts, report mistakes and info that is not updated-We write newsworthy proles-We connect the dots bewteen people, organizationsand companies-We show you the sources-Provide you the code and documentation
  • 11. #opensource
  • 12. PromoteTransparencyDemocracyShed light onconicts ofinterest
  • 13. th anks! suscribe for updates at Poderopedia.com more at @poderopedia@miguelpaz SXSW Interactive 2012 poderopedia.tumblr.com facebook.com/poderopedia slideshare.net/poderopedia github.com/poderopedia Poderopedia is thankful for the generous support of the