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Is your PMO meeting stakeholder needs?


<ul><li> 1. Aligning your PMO withbusiness stakeholder needs creating a valuable PMO | +27 21 7955 130 |</li></ul> <p> 2. Step 1: Answer 2 key questions Who are the stakeholders? What do the stakeholders want from the PMO? | +27 21 7955 130 | 3. Step 2: decide on the stakeholder groupsGroup 1:Group 2:Demand informationSupply information Information is needed toInformation is used for make decisions aboutanalysis &amp; repackaging (project managers, planners, general projects project community) (managers, steering groups, portfolio committees &amp; sponsors) | +27 21 7955 130 | 4. Step 3: ensure both stakeholder groups are servicedPMO management is about political positioning &amp; stakeholder engagement: Positioning the right stakeholders are accessible to the PMO Engagement establish, maintain &amp; build value with stakeholders | +27 21 7955 130 | 5. PiCubed PMO | +27 21 7955 130 | 6. Partnership PMOs establish strategic direction advise on the enterprise project portfolio responsible for determining the do-ability of candidate portfolios monitor portfolio performance and maintain a view on the project capability and capacity of the organisationPartnership PMOs tend to be more reactive than guidance PMOs and are demand side | +27 21 7955 130 | 7. Control PMOsFocus on information managementOften regarded as objective; by seniormanagement and hostile by projectsInvolved in project variance reportingCan be interventionist,Perform project auditsControl PMOs are usually staffed by functional specialists - often have some authority assigned to them | +27 21 7955 130 | 8. Admin PMOs focus primarily on the collation ofdata, reporting on aggregated data andinformation handlingsupport individual projectsmostly passive in operationcan undertake asset-audit style reviewsAdministration PMOs are usually staffed by administrators. | +27 21 7955 130 | 9. Guidance PMOs Centres for excellence/change agents Proactive in influencing project performance Provide or enable training and development of project managers Undertake value-adding reviews of projects Sometimes own pools of project managers for assignment to projectsGuidance PMOs are usually staffed by process | +27 21 7955 130 | 10. At PiCubed we are passionateabout overcoming the challengesthat one is often confronted with in aPMO. We have over 40 years of project, portfolio and programme experience. Contact us now to find out how we can work with you. | +27 21 7955 130 | </p>