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  1. 1. financial dashboard PROJECT PLANNER OVERVIEW PROJECT OWNER DESCRIPTION GOALS & METRICS project definitions SCHEDULE PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 milestones: using LN calendar / appointment or ms excel or project as the source document STATUS ADVANCED ITEMS ON-TRACK ITEMS DELAYED ITEMS traceable events to a real time (milestones) calendar showing the % complete vs % planned. resolutions to the action plans BUDGET EXPENSES INCOME generated $ through federal research grants INCOME LESS EXPENSES def: the allocated dollars to the department: based on assigned crew (annual $ / band * # est. mnhrs / ppl ) RESOURCES TEAM EQUIPMENT FINANCIAL assets required to complete project (planned vs actual) real time information BT/IT Enterprise Governance and Strategy Project Management Dashboard Websphere Modeler Let Go To Grow! * Create a virtuous cycle of growth. * Improve, balance, and measure the key drivers of top-line growth. Use on demand techniques to supercharge productivity, collaboration, and innovation. * Drive unprecedented agility with proven on demand strategies. "Open up" our firm: source and coordinate capabilities dynamically, on-the-fly. * Build flexible "value webs" that liberate our cost structures. * "Componentize" our business functions, processes, and services. Simplify the creation of any new business configuration, focuses on practical implementation, offering a proven, start-to-finish approach for moving from vision to results. PMO Planner.xmmap - 6/18/2008 - The Mindjet Team