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  • Minneapolis Kids Jr.

    At Lake Harriet Lower

    November Review: Transportation

    We completed our very first surprise fire drill this past month. It was a surprise for staff too and it may have startled a few of the children. We had chilly weather that day, so I apologize that the kiddos were a bit cold going outside for the drill.

    When we came back in, we talked about how the fire drill went. I asked first if anyone knew what a drill was. I told the kiddos that we practice in case there was a real fire so we know the proper way to handle the situation. I reminded them that they are our number one priority and we will keep them safe.

    We reviewed our procedure. When the alarm sounds, we stop whatever we are doing and line up quickly and qui- etly. We don’t clean up and don’t get our coats since it’s more important to get out of the building as quickly as possible. We exit the building together and walk swiftly to the end of the baseball field. We wait there until we hear the “all clear” and it is safe to return to the building.

    It was a good conversation and I answered their many questions. Please let me know if I need to do further fol- low up about fire drills. Thanks.

    They did a great job! I’m so proud of them.

    Fire Drill

    Important Information & Lake Harriet Lower 4030 Chowen Avenue South 612-668-3234 Main office (Registration and Billing) 612-668-3890

    Juniors Welcome 10:00 AM– 1:00 PM

    December 2018

    Remember, we are CLOSED:

    December 24—January 3 Happy Holidays & New Year!

    We return on January 7, 2019!

    Adventures with Ollie, Coco and Ducky!

    Three special stuffed friends ro- tate among the children to bring home for a week at a time. They each have a three-ring binder that travels with them. This binder contains a short story and pic- tures of past adventures.

    When it’s your child’s turn, a bag with the stuffed friend and binder will be sent home for the week.

    During this week, we encourage your child to spend lots of time with their new friend and then show their week together by add- ing to the adventure binder— a few pictures, writing some words/ sentences, and/or drawing pic- tures on the blank pages in the binder.

    After their week of fun, return the stuffed friend and binder. Your child will get to share their many adventures with their Jr friends.

    In November, we explored the topic of “Transportation Station”.

    Week 1—Road, Traffic Signs, Maps, Bridge, Service Station

    Week 2—Airplane, Hot Air Balloon, Helicopter, Tugboat, Canoe

    Week 3—Car, Truck, Bike, Foot, Animal

    Week 4—Train, Bus, Taxi, Subway, Ferry

    Our focus during November:

    Shape: Triangle Letters: Dd, Jj & Uu Numbers: 5 & 6 Color: Yellow

    A few of our activities: traffic signs, transportation jour- nal, maps, building bridges, fix-it toolbox, build a car, build a truck, tie a boot, horse stick, airplane launcher, sky writ- ing, transportation puzzle.

    Service Station Tool Boxes

  • December: Sights & Sounds

    Outside Daily Schedule

    Cold weather is coming! Minne- apolis Kids Jr. makes sure that ALL children get out at least once during their day at Minne- apolis Kids Jr. Aside from the playground and black top, we provide a variety of outdoor equipment for children to use.

    Please make sure that your child has appropriate outdoor attire and it is a great idea to label everything with his/her name!

    Our goal is for the children to be able to independently put on and zip up all their gear. We will also talk about the correct order of putting on the cloth- ing items to make it easier.

    10:00—10:20 Meet and Greet, Free Play

    10:20—10:40 Circle Time

    10:50—11:00 Bathroom

    11:00—11:30 Outside

    11:30—12:20 Small Group Time

    12:20—12:40 Free Options

    12:40—1:00 Lunch

    * Please be sure your child’s lunch is peanut/ tree nut free

    so we can all sit together. Thank you!

    We completed our letter Dd book and started our Transportation Journals. They could draw a picture of themselves on the cover with what they may find around their homes, such as trees, houses, and roads.

    We talked about maps and what they are used for, what might be found on a map. Then they created their own maps on the table. We set out trees, roads, and cars for them to create their very own town/map. The kids had a ball with this. They included a farm, rodeo, hospital, lake, air- port, and train station. It was fun to see them play together and use their imaginations with their new table map.

    One Day’s



    Our Mission: To offer a safe, nurturing, educational, and recreational experience specifically designed for children entering kindergarten the following school year.

    Week 1 Orchestra

     drums

     woodwinds

     horns

     string instruments

     piano For the month: Letters—Bb, Oo & Pp Number—7 & 8 Shape—rectangle Color—green

    Week 2 Outdoor Sights & Sounds

     animal tracks

     ice

     owl

     bells

     winter birds For the month: Letters—Bb, Oo & Pp Number—7 & 8 Shape—rectangle Color—green

    Week 3 Indoor Sights & Sounds

     mouse

     pots & pans

     cookies

     house guest

     fireplace For the month: Letters—Bb, Oo & Pp Number—7 & 8 Shape—rectangle Color—green

    Week 4 Light & Dark

     candle

     star

     shadow

     winter days

     winter nights For the month: Letters—Bb, Oo & Pp Number—7 & 8 Shape—rectangle Color—green