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  2. 2. THEMES Social Media Fashion Body Positivity Retail Beauty Standards Social History Feminity
  3. 3. TYPE OF DOCUMENTARY Interviews Archive footage Narration Observational footage
  4. 4. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE Non-Linear- It doesnt follow a timeline. Single stranded- focuses on one topic (plus sized women) Segmented- There are lots of different subtopics, eg modelling, clothing, fitness. Open- It is still an ongoing issue.
  5. 5. CAMERAWORK Rule of thirds, interviewee is positioned to one side of the screen. Medium close up Eye level No direct eye contact, looking at the interviewer off-screen. Relevant mise en scene- he is the manager of a clothing store and there are clothes behind him. Establishing shots of clothing stores Pans and tracking shots of clothing Observational footage of meetings and photoshootsZooms on peoples instagrams
  6. 6. MISE EN SCENE Home settings are used for some of the interviews which makes it seem more personal. The documentary is about fashion, so there are lots of shots of clothing. Social media is a big focus in the documentary so there are lots of shots of peoples instagrams. There are shots of mannequins to reflect the theme of fashion.
  7. 7. SOUND Diegetic sound is used in interviews and observational footage, where the sound matches the visuals. Voice of God narration Female Standard English Purpose is to give information, keep the audience engaged, tie things together, give facts and introduce topics. Non diegetic, upbeat music is used: All About That Bass which is relevant to the topic as it is about body positivity.
  8. 8. EDITING Cutaways are used while people are speaking, for example when they speak about Tess Holliday and the possibility of hiring her as a model, the documentary cuts away to show her Instagram. Mostly all of the interview questions are edited out, apart from some exceptions for example the interviewer asks Andrew Killingsworth if he thinks that Tess Holliday is sexy which makes him look uncomfortable and suggests to the audience that he is shallow. Occasionally the screen flashes to white between straight cuts, which mimics the flash of a camera and reflects the theme of modelling.
  9. 9. ARCHIVE MATERIAL Footage of old catwalks are used. Footage of the Fat and Beautiful pageant. Footage of Evans in the past. Overall there is less archive footage than most mixed documentaries as it focuses on the present day.
  10. 10. GRAPHICS The title of the documentary is used before and after the ad breaks. Interviews have text which say the interviewees name and their relevance to the topic, for example Fiona Ross is the managing director of a shop that is targeted at plus sized women. A hashtag is also used to encourage people to talk about the documentary.


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