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  • HealthyHealthySTAYING 2010 • a special publication of the Pleasanton Weekly • TriValley Views • Danville Express • San Ramon Express

    HealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthySTAYINGHealthyHealthyHealthy 2010 • a special publication of the Pleasanton Weekly • TriValley Views • Danville Express • San Ramon Express


    What does it take to run a marathon or cycle

    a century? PAGE 4

  • Page 2 • 2010 Staying Healthy

    Presenting Our 2010 Suite of Specialty Publications:

    Staying Healthy An annual publication focused on helping readers feel, look and be their best Publishes: January in Pleasanton; February in Dublin, San Ramon & Danville markets Ad Space reservations: January 4

    Spring & Fall Home & Garden Resources for decorating indoors and out, remodels and projects Publishes: March and September in Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon & Danville markets Ad Space reservations: February 18 and August 26

    Buying & Selling Special section focused on the housing market and all that surrounds it Publishes: April 16 and October 15 in Pleasanton Weekly Ad Space reservations: April 9 and October 8

    Dining Out The Tri-Valley's annual guide to dining Publishes: May in Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon & Danville markets Ad Space reservations: April 2

    HealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthyHealthySTAYING 2010


    What does it take to run a marathon or cycle

    a century? PAGE 8

    Hospital hero checks hearts and minds

    Catching some zzzz’s

    If there’s a problem, Ajay Jain can find it at San Ramon Regional

    Tips for periodic insomniacs on how to create a haven for sleep

    Profiles in Business Profiles of local business people Publishes: April 9 in Danville Express and April 16 in San Ramon Express Ad Space reservations: March 26

    Who's Who in Business NEW Dublin Edition! Profiles of local business people Publishes: February 19 and July 16 in Pleasanton and March 25 in Dublin Ad Space reservations: February 12 and July 9

    E M B A R C A D E R O M E D I A . E A S T B A Y D I V I S I O N

    5506 Sunol Blvd., Suite 100 • Pleasanton, CA 94566 • Phone: (925) 600-0840 • Fax: (925) 600-9559 PLEASANTONWEEKLY.COM | DANVILLEEXPRESS.COM | SANRAMONEXPRESS.COM | TRIVALLEYVIEWS.COM

    Weekly Pleasanton



    Pleasanton Weekly's Readers Choice Awards Balloting begins June 18 for the annual contest; results announced July 30 Ballot Publishes: June 18, 25 July 2, 9 AdSpace reservations: June 4

    TriValley Views/Dublin NEW! Readers Choice Awards Balloting begins April 2; results announced May 31 Ballot Publishes: March 29, April 26 Ad Space reservations: March 15

    This Holiday All glossy guide to holiday shopping Publishes: November in Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon & Danville markets Ad Space reservations: October 1

    INFO Pleasanton/Dublin Annual community glossy-cover resource guide Publishes: October 8 Ad Space reservations: September 3

    INFO San Ramon Valley Annual community glossy-cover resource guide Publishes: September 10 Ad Space reservations: August 6

    Danville Express' Readers Choice Awards Balloting begins April 9 for the annual contest; results announced June 11 Ballot Publishes: April 9, May 14 Ad Space reservations: March 26

    San Ramon Express' NEW! Readers Choice Awards Balloting begins April 16; results announced June 18 Ballot Publishes: April 16, May 21 Ad Space reservations: April 2

  • Staying Healthy 2010 • Page 3

    W e l c o m e t o 2 0 1 0

    Benefi t from your health benefi ts Maximizing coverage makes all the differences in your pocketbook ......5

    Should you get the H1N1 shot? San Ramon Regional RN says yes .......................................................6-7

    Broccoli and brussel sprouts, oh my Local natural chef on a mission to get kids to eat healthy ......................8

    Editor: Janet Pelletier

    Advertising Managers: Mary Hantos

    Art Director: Manuel Valenzuela

    On the cover: New Year's resolutions can hard to maintain, but with the right tools comes success. Turn to page 4 for some useful tips.



    Weekly Pleasanton


    S A N R A M O N

    ViewSTriValley Print & Online

    As recommended by Dr. Oz

    4133 Mohr Ave, St E, Pleasanton

    M-T: 3-7; Wed-Fri 10-3

    Sat by appointment


    (925) 417-8800

    www.Pleasanton Community



    Gift Certificates

    Introducing Innercompass Reiki to Body In Balance Community Acupuncture Center! Chellie Kammermeyer, Reiki Master, will be joining our office on Mondays or by special appointment during the week. Reiki is a gentle, hands on, non-invasive healing method. It helps relax your mind and body so that your system has the opportunity to heal itself. Please call 510.499.4332 to schedule your appointment!

    Chellie Kammermeyer Reiki Master

    FREE( ) Body Composition Analysis!

    Typical Medical Offi ce’s

    Rate $80

    Detox Weight Loss Center

    (925) 249-9642 4725 First Street #270 Downtown Pleasanton


    LOSE 15 TO 30 LBS.

    in 2 Weeks

    Lose Weight Rapidly Gain Optimal Energy and Health

    Easily Adopt New Nutritional Habits

    Weight Loss and Wellness Center

    You may qualify through your insurance

    Welcome Dr. Deborah Gleason!

    Dr. Gleason is a nutritional consultant and psychologist. She is board certifi ed as a holistic health practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and is a member of the American Holistic Health Association.

    Her passion is helping others to achieve health and happiness through nutritional support and counseling. Learn more about her at

    5506 Sunol Blvd., Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA 94566, (925) 600 0840

  • Page 4 • 2010 Staying Healthy

    625 Main Street • Downtown Pleasanton Reservations: 925.417.1224 •

    Did You Know...we... Use Vegetable Broth to make our Rice, Beans & all Sauces Use Virgin Olive Oil in cooking Never use Lard or Trans Fats Fire Roast our Chile Rellenos instead of frying Use Organic Greens for our Salads Use Canola Oil to make our House Made Chips Offer lighter options like Grilled Fish, Chicken & Salads Offer Sauces “On the Side”

    Open for Lunch again starting February 9! Bring this ad for $5 OFF LUNCH

    (with purchase of at lease 2 entrées) Not valid with any other offer. Expires 3/31/10


    BLUE AGAVE CLUB “alta cocina mexicana”

    “Young at Heart” Seniors...Come for a Respite Stay or a Free Independent-Living Trial Stay!


    LICENSE# 075601454



    (such as a Rent Freeze until 2 012

    or a fr

    ee 2 nd oc


    for 12 months) when you place a D epos

    it H old

    by Valen

    tine’s Day!

    Tips for starting and maintaining a fitness program

    Let’s face it - if New Year resolutions actually worked, we wouldn’t be making the same ones year after year, and largely, we do. In fact, more than 40 percent of the population makes resolu- tions, and on a grand scale, the top 10 reso- lutions are the same from year to year, with two of them consistently involving exercise and getting fit.

    Perhaps the high fail- ure rate of resolutions, estimated at 97 percent, is not because the res- olution, itself, was un- reasonable, but because hardly anyone takes reso- lutions seriously enough to conceive a plan for real change.

    Here are some tips for creating an effective plan for a healthy lifestyle change: • Determine your

    health/fitness goal. Call it a resolution if you wish, but don’t limit yourself to trying it only on Jan. 1, and don’t make it a goal that’s frankly just too boring to keep. A goal of losing 10 pounds is a lot less exciting than an alternative goal to get fit and have fun while doing it. • Make your plan of reaching your goal a

    simple one. Start with a list of fun activities that keep you headed in the right direction. Also, don’t list activities that are nearly im- possible to do or a huge drain on your time - they’re way too frustrating, and likely to leave you overwhelmed and uncommitted.

    A beginner’s goal of running one mile a day every day might be too daunting, but an alternative goal of walking for 30 minutes a day after work with a friend allows added fun and social time. • Schedule the time. You want exercise

    to be a priority in your life, and you’re well aware of the benefits, but you’re stretched way too thin as it is and are having a hard time fitting it in. Despite any resolution you make, it’s unlikely that any of those

    other priorities in your life will suddenly go away. The answer? Scheduling. A plan is simply your list of activities (from above) paired with your calendar. When making your plan, seriously consider when you’re going to fit in your activities. Review your


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