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  • 01 - vod do programovania PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200

    Ing. Jozef Klus

  • Literatra a zdroje

    TIA Portal Module 010-010 Startup Programming of the SIMATIC S7-1200

  • Obsah tematickho celku

    Vvojov prostredie STEP 7 intalcia a pripojenie PLC (M010 1-4)

    Pouitie PLC, proces riadenia, adresovanie I/O, logick opercie (M010 5)

    Konfigurcia a innos PLC (M010 6)

    Vytvorenie prvho projektu riadenie lisu (M010 7-8)


  • Programming Software STEP Professional V13 (TIA Portal V13)

    programming tool for the following automation systems

    SIMATIC S7-1200, 1500

    SIMATIC S7-300

    SIMATIC S7-400


  • Programming Software STEP Professional V13 (TIA Portal V13)

    Functions Configuring and parameterizing the hardware

    Defining the communication


    Testing, commissioning and service with the operating/diagnostic functions


    Generating the visual displays for the SIMATIC basic panels with the integrated WinCC Basic

    All functions are supported with detailed online help.

  • Installing the TIA Portal V13

    medium - DVD, internet

    standard install procedure

    license key is needed on your computer This license key can be transferred in the course of

    installation from a USB stick that is included to your computer. Subsequently it is possible to move this license key to another data carriers using the software Automation License Manager.

  • Installing current Updates for TIA Portal V13

    TIA Portal V13 is updated frequently to optimally integrate new products

    installing current Updates for TIA Portal V13 (last SP1 upd. 5)

    link to the webpage:

  • Information about installed software

    Select the item Installed software in the TIA Portal

    Detailed information about installed software

    Installation of support packages

  • Connecting to the CPU

    To program the SIMATIC S7-1200 from the PC you need a TCP/IP connection set the computers IP address

    Windows (Start - Settings - System control - Network connections - Local Area Connection Properties - Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)) (IP address: Subnet mask:

    set the SIMATIC S7-1200 IP address TIA Portal (Online & Diagnosis - Project view - Online

    accesses - Network Connection - Update accessible devices - MAC= .. - Online & diagnostics) (under Functions - Assign IP address - IP address: - Subnet mask: - Assign IP address)

  • Reset CPU to factory settings

    TIA Portal (Online & Diagnosis - Project view - Online accesses - Network Connection - Update accessible devices - MAC= .. - Online & diagnostics)

    Under Functions, select Reset to factory settings (Functions - Reset to factory settings - Keep IP address - Reset)


  • What is a PLC and what are PLCs Used For?

    PLC - Programmable Logic Controller

    device that controls a process

    printing press for printing newspapers, a filling plant for filling cement in bags, a press for forming plastic shapes, etc....

    instructions of a program that is located in the memory of the device

  • How does the PLC Control the Process?

    through the PLC connections called outputs (actuators)

    control voltage of 24V

    switching motors on and off, opening and closing valves, turning lamps on and off

  • How does the PLC Get the Information about the Process States?

    from the so-called signal transmitters that are wired to the inputs of the PLC

    sensors that recognize whether a work piece is in a certain position, or they can be simple switches and pushbuttons that may be open or closed

  • Break Contact Elements and Make Contact Elements

    break contacts

    make contacts

  • Address Individual Input/Output Signals


  • How is the Program Processed in the PLC?

    process image of the inputs (PII) process image of the outputs (PIQ)

  • Logic Operations in the PLC Program

    Logic operations are used to specify conditions for switching an output.

    Programming languages

    Ladder Diagram (LAD)

    Function Block Diagram (FBD)

  • AND Operation

  • AND Operation

    AND logic in the FBD

  • OR Operation

  • OR Operation

    OR operation in the FBD

  • Negation

  • How is the PLC Program generated?

    PLC program is generated on a PC using the software STEP 7

    PC is connected with the TCP/IP interface of the PLC

    program can be transferred with a load function to the PLCs memory

    PC is no longer needed for further program processing in the PLC

  • How is the PLC Program generated?


  • Module Spectrum

    SIMATIC S7-1200 is a modular automation system

    Central modules CPU with different capacity, integrated inputs/outputs and PROFINET interface

  • Module Spectrum

    Power supply PM

    Signal boards SB for adding analog or digital inputs/outputs (CPU 1211, 1212, 1214)

  • Module Spectrum

    Signal modules SM for digital and analog inputs and outputs

    Communication modules CM for serial communication RS 232/RS 485

  • Module Spectrum

    Compact Switch Module CSM with 4x RJ45 socket connectors 10/100 Mbps

    SIMATIC memory cards 2MB or 24MB for storing program data

  • Operating Modes of the CPU

    Operating Modes STOP - CPU does not execute the program, and

    you can load a project

    STARTUP - CPU performs a startup

    RUN - program is executed cyclically, projects cannot be loaded in the CPUs RUN mode

    CPU does not have a physical switch for changing the operating mode

  • Operating Modes of the CPU

    The operating mode (STOP or RUN) is changed on the operator panel of the software STEP7

    button MRES to perform a general memory reset and displays the status LEDs of the CPU.

  • Operating Modes of the CPU

    LEDs for ERROR to indicate errors and MAINT to indicate that maintenance


  • Riadenie lisu - zadanie

  • Riadenie lisu - zadanie

    Lis je vybaven bezpenostnou klietkou Tlaidlo TART S3 aktivuje lis ak je uzavret klietkou Poloha klietky je sledovan senzorom uzatvorenia

    bezpenostnej klietky B1 Lis je riaden cez 5/2-cestn hydraulick ventil M0 (privdza

    tlakov mdium na lisovaciu matricu, ktor vylisuje vrobok)

    Lis sa automaticky zdvihne ak je splnen niektor z podmienok: je stlaen Havarijne STOP tlaidlo EMERGENCI OFF snma klietky je rozpojen B1 lis sa dostal to krajnej polohy vysunutia, o signalizuje senzor

    polohy B2

  • Riadenie lisu - zadanie

  • Riadenie lisu - zadanie

  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

    1. Vytvorenie novho projektu Riadenie lisu

    2. Konfigurcia CPU

    3. Konfigurcia PROFINET rozhrania

    4. Spoji CPU s TIA portlom

    5. Nadefinova symbolick men pre vstupy a vstupy (tag)

  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

    Program je napsan v blokoch

    Organizan blok OB1 sa generuje automaticky predstavuje rozhranie operanho systmu CPU

    spracovva sa cyklicky

    Z OB1 sa mu vola alie bloky - truktrovan programovanie (funkcia FC1)

    elom je rozdeli celkov lohu do iastkovch loh umouje to zjednodui rieenie a testovanie


  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

    Logika riadenia lisu bude uloen vo funkcii FC1 program lisu

    Deklarujeme premenn funkcie (block interface)

  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

    Deklarujeme premenn pre FC1

  • Riadenie lisu - rieenie

    Vytvorme logiku pre FC1

    Prostrednctvom S a R opercie priraujeme hodnotu do premennej cylinder_out_in

    FC1 vlome do OB1 a vstupy a vstup prepojme na pomenovan vstupy CPU

    ulome projekt

    vlome aplikcie do CPU

    otestujeme aplikciu