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A List of the Playstation 3 Top GamesResource:


<ul><li> 1. <ul><li>This Slide Show is brought to You by</li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>HTTP://WWW.ALLHIGHTECH.INFO </li></ul> <p> 2. Grand Theft Auto IV Come on you knew it this game had to make the list. As one of the all time Playstation 3 top games, Grand Theft Auto IV is loved by adults and kids alike. It is a very respectable follow-up to the three Grand Theft Auto predecessors, and one that casts players as Niko Bellic, a recent immigrant to Liberty City who finds himself immersed in a world of crime. 3. Playstation 3 Top Games There are literally hundreds of different PS3 games that you can choose from, but a few games in particular that are considered as being the Playstation 3 top games. 4. Grand Theft Auto IV It contains some of the basics of the three previous games, but as well a whole variety of new and innovative playing strategies and techniques. You just take one look at the graphics alone and you will be immersed in this game, as they are some of the best you have ever seen in a PS3 game. 5. Grand Theft Auto IV As the fourth installment of the popular series by Rockstar this game definitely does justice to PS3 games everywhere, and GTV IV reinvents the series with a renewed version of Liberty City which is detailed down to the last pothole and rooftop vent. This goes to show players just how much time and thought was put into the design of this game, which is very respectable. 6. Resident Evil 5Another of the Playstation 3 top games is Resident Evil 5. This is the fifth installment in the series which makes it obvious that this game is incredibly popular. This is not only one of the Playstation 3 top games in North America but in fact across the world. 7. Resident Evil 5Just like the movie, the Resident Evil game offers thrill and excitement like you have never experienced in a game before. This is the next-generation follow-up to the terrifying series that introduces the theme of escape as its core survival instinct. 8. Playstation 3 Top Games There are so many different twists and turns in this game that you will not know what is coming next, and this is the most fun part of all. This is definitely one of the Playstation 3 top games that all PS3 gamers should check out, and one that will definitely not disappoint. 9. Playstation 3 Top Games There are also endless other games that are worth a tryout, and so take a bit of time to learn more about the PS3 games that are out there and which you are going to enjoy. 10. </p> <ul><li>This Slide Show was brought to You by</li></ul> <ul><li>HTTP://WWW.ALLHIGHTECH.INFO </li></ul>