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Playoff Mechanics—2007. Our Mission. Review the highlights from the PIAA mechanics manual for a crew of 7 Review some game situations on film. Coin Toss. Press Box Side. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Keys. SJ/FJ have widest receiver on their side. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Playoff Mechanics2007

  • Our MissionReview the highlights from the PIAA mechanics manual for a crew of 7 Review some game situations on film

  • Coin TossPress Box Side

  • 5

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

  • 9

  • 10

  • KeysSJ/FJ have widest receiver on their side.BJ has 2nd widestbut he always has motion man.HL/LJmake sure you know who the BJ has and then take the next receiverTripsSJ/FJ have widest, BJ has 2nd widest, HL/LJ has 3rd widest.

  • Keys #1Strength to HL, so BJ takes #2 receiver that side

  • Keys #2Trips on top, so strength to HL: SJ takes #1, BJ takes #2 and HL takes #3

  • Keys #3Initial 3 Receivers on HLs side, so strength to HL: SJ takes #1, BJ takes #2 and HL takes #3

  • Keys #3Motion

  • Keys #3Motion

  • Goal Line Coverage Between 5 & 15FJ and SJ have goal line responsibility

  • Goal Line Coverage Inside the 5(Ignore key switching)

  • Key PointsSideline officials should push each other down the fieldkeep the runner, receiver between the LOS official (HL/LJ) and the deep official (SJ/FJ/BJ).HL and LJ should get most of the spots, with the exception of very long passesLJ should stay at line of scrimmage to rule on forward passes thrown beyond the line of scrimmagerelease after the ball is thrownexception is when he has goal line.

  • Dead BallsOfficials on the opposite sideline from where the ball is declared deadcome into the numbers on all dead ballsthis is the accordion affect.

  • Reverse MechanicsNormally, HL and LJ get the spots and they push SJ and FJ down the field. SJ and FJ also have goal line when the ball is snapped from outside the 5.When there is a change of possession, these roles are reversed: SJ/FJ now have the spots, HL and LJ have the goal line along with R.

  • Reverse Mechanics:ExampleK punts @ K-20R1 fields ball @ 50HL/LJ now provide the cushion, while SJ/FJ get spotIf R1 goes all the way, HL/LJ should be waiting for him at the goal lineUse this same philosophy on kickoffs, except LJs partner is now U, since FJ goes inside

  • Other PointsR will line up on kickers leg on scrimmage kicksso he may be on HLs side or LJs side. If snap is no good, official opposite R will chase. Official with R will hold to rule on LOSU concentrate on the snapper and 2 guards. R takes tackle opposite LJ, LJ takes his tackle.

  • Muddle HuddleU stay with ballSJ stay with teamWork out how you shift when teams shift

  • Ball ControlGet 3 balls from each teamthe official ball is the Wilson GST, and the teams have been given game balls by the District LJ/FJ side has 2 of the balls from each team, HL/SJ has 1 ball from each teamSince 1 ball is in play, one ball boy has 3 balls, 1 has 2 at all timesBall comes in from LJ/FJ side at beginning of game and for all changes of possessionIf ball goes out on a side, it comes in from that side (except changes of possession)

  • Ball ControlUse the numbersif a ball is dead at the top of the number or closer to the sideline, mark the spot with a ball and throw in a new ballNormally, LJ or HL mark the spot, so FJ or SJ would relay new ball in

  • Ball ControlExamplesSweep to LJs side, dead near sidelineLJ marks spot with ball that was in playFJ gets new ball from ball boy, throws in to either BJ/R/U depending who is nearbyLJ picks up ball, tosses to either FJ or ball boyPunt o/o/b on HLs sidelineLJ or FJ get the new ball.LJ/FJ throw the ball to the U. HL/ SJ will throw the old ball to LJ/FJ through BJ

  • TimelineKickoff minus:2 HoursCrew arrives95 minutesPre-game conference starts60 minutesR & U meet with head coaches30 minutesR& U meet with head coaches & captains to do sportsmanship & coin toss20 minutecrew arrives on field to do pre-game duties10 minutesteams arrive on field3 minutesmock tossHalftime15 minutes

  • Game Film Review