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#1: Soul StealersGoalClick here to start

Made by:Vista Grande GamesWith inspiration fromMessy Comics, Inc.Go back#2: Shoot the Paranormals

Avoid the Fruit,But shoot the monster!Click here to start

GoalStart#3: Trapped inLolligag

Choose an explosion,Any explosion.One will make you winOne will make you loseThe other will make you continue.#5: Pillars of CreationAvoid the Shooting starsFor Five seconds!Click here to start#6: ARachnioStartInstructions

You must kill Arachnio. He is the boss in this game. To beat this level, you must shoot Him in the correct spot. This spot is the middle of his head. You must avoid his legs, and his Abdomen. Avoid web shots he has spun. Good luck!

There is only one level after this.Start LevelYou Died.

The EndContinueEnd the Game