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Introduction to Global Plate TectonicsCopyright 2014, Earth2Energy Educational Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Earth2Energy is a registered trademark. Reconstructing Alaska

Introduction to Global Plate Tectonics1

North AmericaReconstructing Alaska

IntroductionAlaska was assembled by a series of island and continental arc systems, and oceanic basin terranes which collided and accreted onto the western North American continent. The following set of slides presents plate reconstructions showing the development of Alaska from the Precambrian to its present day shape. The building of the North American Craton during the Precambrian Era is presented in a separate video presentation.


Early PaleozoicCentral TerraneYukon TerraneArctic TerraneRuby TerraneNorth American margin

Upper PaleozoicCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonArcticNA marginShelf sedimentsOcean basaltsStikine TerraneCache Creek SeaQuesnellian reefs

L.Triassic to E. JurassicCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonArcticNA marginQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine TerraneCache Ck Farallon Plate

L.Triassic to E. Jurassic continuedCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine Cache Ck ArcticKobuk SeaTogiak-Koyukuk

M. Jurassic CentralCentral ArcRubyYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine Cache Ck ArcticTogiak-Koyukuk

L. Jurassic to E. CretaceousCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine Cache Ck ArcticTogiak-KoyukukWrangelliaPeninsular TerraneCanadian Basin

CretaceousKula PlateCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine ArcticTogiak-KoyukukWrangelliaPeninsular TerraneCanadian BasinColville


L. Cretaceous to Early PaleoceneKula PlateCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine Peninsular TerraneCanadian BasinColvilleTogiak-KoyukukSeward PeninsulaFormer Kahlita Seaway

Kula PlatePaleocene to M. EoceneCentralCentral ArcRubyYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine Peninsular TerraneCanadian BasinTogiak-KoyukukArcticYakutatDenali FaultKluane ArcSouthern Margin

Miocene to PresentYukonQuesnelliaOcean basaltsStikine Peninsular TerraneCanadian BasinTogiak-KoyukukArcticYakutatKluane ArcSouthern MarginQueen Charlotte-Fairweather Faults

For additional information please contact William Szary, CPG, PG, EurGeol for details on purchasing this product.wszary@netzero.netCopyright 2014. Earth2Energy Educational Publishing. All rights reserved. Earth2Energy is a registered trademark.Alaska Geology References: Text and Alaska tectonic maps extracted from Plafker, G., Berg, H.C., 1994. Overview of the geology and tectonic evolution of Alaska. Chapter 33., The Geology of North America, Vol. G-1, The Geology of Alaska. The Geological Society of America.Arctic Sea Geology References: Landsat image of the Arctic Basin published by the Canadian Geological Survey. Posted on the internet. Alaskan Tectonics

Part IV.The Continents

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Earth2Energy Educational PublishingContact Information:William Szary, CPG, PG, EurGeolwszary@netzero.netCopyright 2014, Earth2Energy Educational Publishing. All rights reserved. Earth2Energy is a registered trademark.

Narration by William Szary

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Part IV. Global Tectonic Evolution. The Continents.North American Continent Precambrian & PhanerozoicCompanion Books Available from Keywork plate tectonicsIntroduction to Global Plate Tectonics I: plate tectonics theory; paleogeography; & the Ocean Basins.Introduction to Global Plate Tectonics II: North American, Alaska, The Appalachian Mountains, The Western US, Mexico & South American Geologic HistoriesIntroduction to Global Plate Tectonics III: Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Korea, & Indochina Geologic Histories