Plans to End Homelessness in Minnesota

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Plans to End Homelessness in Minnesota. Homes For All December 7, 2006 Laura Kadwell Mary Ulland Evans Cathy ten Broeke Jennifer Ho. 52% have mental illness 33% have chemical dependency problem 24% have dual diagnosis (MI and CD) 16% are veterans 31% report brain injury - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Plans to End Homelessness in Minnesota

    Homes For All

    December 7, 2006

    Laura KadwellMary Ulland EvansCathy ten BroekeJennifer Ho

  • Minnesotas Business Plan to End Long-Term Homelessness52% have mental illness33% have chemical dependency problem24% have dual diagnosis (MI and CD)16% are veterans31% report brain injury24% have history of being victimized by domestic violence25% have criminal history that affected their housing

    Strategy: Create an additional 4,000 units of permanent supportive housing by 2010.

    People To Be Served:

  • Progress on Business Plan2004 - 2006

  • For Further Information:Laura Kadwell Minnesota Director for Ending Long-Term HomelessnessEmail: Housing website: Business Plan is at:

  • Heading Home Hennepin:The Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness6 Goals, 30 Recommendations

    Prevent HomelessnessProvide Coordinated OutreachDevelop Housing OpportunitiesImprove Service DeliveryBuild Capacity for Self-SupportImplement System Improvements

  • For Further Information:Cathy ten Broeke300 S 6th St A1605Minneapolis, MN

  • Heading Home RamseyThe Plan to End Homelessness in Saint Paul and Ramsey County

    Part 1: Ending Long-Term HomelessnessPart 2: Ending All Homelessness

    Jennifer L. Ho, ChairRamsey County City of Saint Paul Homeless Advisory Board

  • Part 1: Ending Long-Term HomelessnessCreate 920 units of permanent supportive housingPrevent long-term homelessnessIncrease and leverage public investmentImprove coordination and delivery of services and housingBuild a community-wide response to homelessness

  • Part 2: Ending All HomelessnessPrevent HomelessnessExpand Housing OpportunitiesBuild and Support StabilityEnd Homelessness for Unaccompanied YouthEnhance Leadership and Coordination


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