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Planning survey results & summary By Josh Davey

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Planning survey results


  • 1. Planning survey results & summary By Josh Davey

2. Q1 From this question, I have found that the target audience feel that my plot is conventional, and will therefore appeal to them, meaning my product is on the correct pathway already. 3. Q2 From this question, I have found that the target audience think that Ive used correct shots that are not only conventional but also represent the characters in the correct way. So, so far there are no improvements needed in my planning. 4. Q3 From this question, I have found out that my script is conventional, and that it creates the correct key themes being tension and mystery, as 100% of the audience voted yes. 5. Q4 From this question I have found that the majority think that my shot list and film idea is entirely conventional and doesnt need improving upon. The minority thinks I could add more mystery and close-ups, which is something I will definitely consider when it comes to the finished version. 6. Q5 The majority of people think my animatic shows off the idea correctly, the other half yet 10% do not, therefore meaning I have some improving to do, in which i will do the following: -Add titles to my animatic -Add sound where needed to show a range of technical elements that will be listed. 7. Q6 The majority of people think that Ive covered every potential risk but some think otherwise, so I will completely go over my risk assessment and check if there are anymore possible risks that could occur. 8. Q7 Every person who answered this question has agreed with my justification of locations, as Ive clearly stated why Im using each location, and the benefits of doing so, within my planning. 9. Q8 All of the survey takers agreed the actors are very well suited to their roles, and that they all look the part, so theres no improvement needed there. 10. Q9 The majority of people think there are no more planning improvements needed, but others think I should improve the animatic, make the planning extremely detailed, add more tension and make camera movement more fluid. In response to this, I will improve the animatic with sound and titles, and will practise with more test shots and scene demos to ensure the shots can be executed correctly, and I will add more tension if Im not happy with the amount within the first draft. 11. Q10Overall when asking whether my planning is sufficient and conventional enough, I received all positive votes, with an average rating of 9.5, which basically means there are a few improvements needed, as listed on the next slide. 12. Improvements: Overall from this questionnaire, I have found a variety of improvements that I can use to make my planning even more conventional and appealing, being: Improving the animatic adding sound and titles Adding more tension - which I will do if needed after the first draft, where I will write in new tense scenes Make the camera movement more fluid Which I will do with test shots and scene demos to ensure Ive mastered the shots and if not I can stabilise the footage in post production. Double check the risk assessment I will go over the risk assessment and ensure Ive covered all potential risks, and will add a section where Ill state how Ill overcome each risk individually Overall, this survey has aided my planning, and has therefore allowed me to improve and ensure that my production is conventional and definitely meets the criteria of appealing to the specific target audience.