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  • Our aim is to satisfy our clients in terms of superiorquality of services.

    We are Best Kids Birthday Party Organizers and gathering organizers situated in Jaipur. We

    have expertise in Theme Birthday Parties, Birthday inflatables and every other system

    JaIpur, India. We additionally give Aqua, Mickey Minnie Mouse, chteau, Tom and Jerry,

    noddy, Joker, Harry Porter, Aladdin topic, Jasmine, untamed life, and numerous more

    subjects. Majestic Event Management can likewise provides you loving events like: DJ

    Magic shows, or birthday party mystical performer, puppet theater, Air Walker

    Bouncy,birthday party diversion for kids.

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  • In house

    Outdoors and Lawns

    P L A C E / V E N U E

    Majestic Event India

  • Use printed cards but

    fill in the details by


    Inform your guests

    what to wear incase of

    a dress code for

    formal occasions or a

    theme party

    H A V E AW O N D E R F U L

    B I R T H D A YW I T H U S

    Invitations & Dress Code

  • Plan the menu carefully

    Dont mix different

    cuisines together

    F O O D / S N A C K S/ D R I N K S

  • 3 Basic Designs Of Balloon Decorations -

    Balloon Columns

    Balloon Centerpieces or Bouquets

    Balloon Arches


    B A L L O O ND E C O R A T I O N S

  • victoria's best

    F L A V O R V A R I E T Y

    F L O W E R SD E C O R A T I O N S

    A Flower themed birthday

    party decoration is an

    awesome way to celebrate a

    colorful kid's birthday!

    Birthday Party Decoration

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