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I got these ideas fom someone else and i thought it was some good ideas!


<ul><li> 1. Planning a Birthday Party By: Subrina Casanova</li></ul> <p> 2. Fun and EnjoymentCelebrating the date of birth of a person isa very special day that should be rejoicedthrough a birthday party, an event whicheverybody must have a total fun andenjoyment. Planning a birthday party canbe a tough assignment, therefore this mustbe done at least a month before the bigday. 3. Without proper planning, thespecial occasion wont besuccessful and might turn intoembarrassment. For that reason,here are some valuable ideas on how to plan a party to make sure that everyone would enjoythe special gathering. 4. Plan AheadPlan ahead, at least not less that fourweeks. This will be enough to arrangeeverything from selecting the theme,sending the invitations, choosing thelocation, and other tasks of planningthe event. 5. If the budget permits, you can hire an event planner that hasenough experience in organizing a birthday party. Make achecklist or a planner for you notto miss any part of the assignment and to ensure that everything is being done smoothly. 6. Party ThemeChoosing the party theme is the very firstpart of the plan and this will depend on thepreference and age of the birthdaycelebrant. Children, teen, and adult partieshave different themes you can choosefrom. 7. Pirate, Princess, Superhero, Fairy, and Teaparty are the most popular birthday partiesfor young teens and children; while Soccer-themed, Festival-themed, and tropical Luauare examples of adult parties. Since theassignment of themes is so vast, you canask the person in which theme he or sheprefers. 8. Setting a BudgetAfter selecting the theme, setting thebudget is also crucial for planning abirthday party. Based on the theme of theparty, list down all the things needed suchas the foods or menu, party accessories(e.g. tables, chairs, balloons, banners,decorations, etc.), rent of the space orlocation (if it is not a house party0, andinvitation cards. 9. LocationYour next assignment is picking out the bestlocation of the party, unless you want it tobe celebrated just within the residence.Possible choices are beach or pool, hotel orrestaurant, and other private venues. Infinding the location, the space should belarge enough to accommodate all youguest to avoid overcrowding. 10. Therefore, creating your guest list isimportant so you can have an actualestimate of the people who will attend thebirthday party. Once you have found theright venue, talk with the owner oradministrator of the place as early aspossible so you would know if they canprovide accommodation on the date ofthe occasion. 11. Invitation cardsAs soon as everything is settled; it is time foryou to prepare the invitations. The invitationcards should show the theme of the partyso the guest will have an idea of what towear during the party. You can personalizethe cards or if you dont have the luxury ofthe time to design it then there are ready-made cards you can buy from thebookstores. Send out the invitation at leasta week before the event. 12. Planning a Birthday Party will beeasy and effortless once youfollow these tips ad party ideasweve given you.</p>