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Planned Giving Pop Quiz. Situation: Youre wrapping up your FY 14 Budget meeting with your Parish Finance Committee and someone walks in and hands you a check from Mary Smith made out to the parish for $530,000 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Planned Giving Pop QuizSituation: Youre wrapping up your FY 14 Budget meeting with your Parish Finance Committee and someone walks in and hands you a check from Mary Smith made out to the parish for $530,000

    Would you and your Finance Committee be able to find a way to spend this money this coming year? Yes _____ No ______

  • Heres another Question? If Mary Smith or Jane Doe each gave gifts from their estates to their Church of nearly or more than a half million dollars without being formally asked to do so? How much could you add to your annual Stewardship program if you actually started asking your loyal parishioners for gifts from their estates????

  • Why is Planned Giving Important?Its part of a Disciples Response to Stewardship as a Way of Life

    An educational program designed to promote planned giving can be a tool to help parishioners seeking to deepen their stewardship commitment to the Church. USCCB Pastoral Letter on Stewardship-A Disciples Response

  • Purpose of a Planned Giving ProgramTo provide structure and protection of the donor intent for gifts made in gratitude and trust of the long-term effectiveness of your parish ministries.

    Helping people complete their stewardship by making faithful decisions about the accumulation that God has allowed them to keep Creating a Positive Climate for Giving Don Joiner

  • Benefits of a Planned Giving ProgramMaking a Planned Gift to the Church can help your parishoners:-Continue to support the ministries of the parish that mean the most to them..for future generations-Reduce or Avoid Capital Gains taxes-Protect and potentially increase the size of their estate for their heirs-Increase their existing income (e.g. CGA)

  • You dont have to be wealthy to do this!

    My estate will never be large enough to be able to build libraries, but it may be large enough to buy some books for a library -Minnesota Schoolteacher

  • What are the StepsIt all begins with LEADERSHIP- A commitment to Success in your Stewardship Program-Your pastor fully supports a Planned Giving program in the parish -Speaks to the importance of planned giving as part of a stewardship commitment to Church -Leads by his example -Helps recruit lay leaders for the program -Speaks at Heritage Society events

  • What are the Steps Step 1: Establish a Parish/School Endowment Fund with the Catholic Community FoundationStep 2: Get started with a Will Survey or a Search Letter/Flyer to identify members who have already left your parish an estate giftStep 3: Recruit a person to Champion your Planned Giving/Endowment Program who would also serve on your Stewardship Committee

  • What are the Steps Step 4: Recruit a Planned Giving/Endowment Committee as a subcommittee of StewardshipStep 5: Set goals for Parish Planned Giving Endowment efforts as part of your strategic plan (what could we accomplish with a $2.0 million endowment that returned $100,000 a year!)Step 6: Develop a 3-5 year action plan to educate and engage parishioners in supporting Endowment Funds and joining Heritage Society

  • What are the StepsStep 7: Establish a Heritage or Legacy Society to formally honor those who have named Church in their estate plan or left gift to EndowmentStep 8: Add a link to the Catholic Community Foundations planned giving web content on your parishs website: 9: Develop ways to track and record parishioners intent to leave the Church a gift from their state

  • What are the StepsStep 10: Conduct an annual special event (e.g. Endowment Sunday) to recognize the Parish Heritage Society members and welcome new members each year

  • How do I get started?The chapter on Planned Giving in the Stewardship Toolkit can help you with the Basics:-A sample Will Survey Letter for your Pastor to send out to parish-A sample Search Flyer to survey parishioners who have made planned gifts and inviting them to an initial Heritage Society event-Some steps for building a marketing/education program -A sample Letter of Intent to document future estate gifts from parishioners

  • Where can I get other good ideas?Look to others who have demonstrated best practices in this area of Stewardship -St. Odilia Shoreview-Basilica of St. Marys Minneapolis-St Therese Deephaven-St. John the Baptist New Brighton -Our Lady of Grace Edina -St. Peters Richfield

  • Suggested Resources for Endowment and Planned Giving in Churches

    Creative Giving-Understanding Planned Giving and Endowments in Church Michael Reeves, Rob Fairly, Sanford Coon (Discipleship Resources 2005)Creating a Climate for Giving Don Joiner (Discipleship Resources 2001)