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<ul><li><p>Worksheet Planned Giving MarketingInstitution</p><p>City, StateCourtesy of</p><p>ANNUAL BUDGET/EXPENSE SHEET PAGE 1</p><p> Commitments Budget Planned Giving Website</p><p>You can develop this in-house or have it outsourced, which is more cost effective. VirtualGiving.Com offers three levels of websites choose the one that best meets your needs and goals.</p><p>Basic ($1,495/year); Advanced ($2,995/year); Pro Plus ($7,995/year plus $2,000 setup fee) $ $</p><p> Direct Mail #1: Solicitation Letter (download a sample letter at</p><p>For a personalized (salutation) letter, your list should be compiled by choosing your most loyal prospects. Why? Youll get better results by regularly communicating with those loyal prospects than by trying your luck with an expensive, one-time, random mailing. Some basic rules to follow: (a) Send this first-class mail (2) use a live stamp (3) do not use labels, handwrite the addresses.</p><p>Recommended number of mailings per year: 3</p><p> Labor and material costs (stationery, cost of folding, stuffing, etc.) $</p><p> US Postage (first-class mail) $</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>Direct Mail #2: Planned Giving Postcards</p><p>Taking the number of people in your list, calculate your costs. Again, take into account that your list should be compiled by choosing your most loyal prospects. Too much back-office work for you? We can provide all the services below.</p><p>Recommended number of mailings per year: 6 to 8 (see marketing calendar)</p><p> Labor and material costs (copy, graphic design, printing) $</p><p> Fulfillment (mail-shop services such as addressing and sorting) $</p><p> US Postage (this does not have to be first class mail) $</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>Direct Mail #3: Planned Giving Newsletters</p><p>Traditional planned giving newsletters are getting a very weak response. If you want to do a newsletter, do it once a year and make it donor-centric. Have numerous stories and testimonials, and include useful personal content such as how to prepare a will, how to safeguard your im-portant documents, etc. This is best done in-house, in your own department. Avoid the place your name here canned newsletter services.</p><p>Follow the same targeting rules as in Direct Mail #2 above.</p><p>Recommended number of mailings per year: 0-2.</p><p> Labor and material costs (copy, graphic design, printing) $</p><p> Fulfillment (mail-shop services such as addressing and sorting) $</p><p> US Postage (this does not have to be first class mail $</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>Copyright 2012, VirtualGiving, Inc.</p><p></p></li><li><p>ANNUAL BUDGET/EXPENSE SHEET PAGE 2</p><p> Commitments Budget Data-Mining Tools</p><p>Our prospect analysis tools are the best way to data-mine your overall list and predict your planned giving prospects (91% accuracy)</p><p> $ $</p><p> Planned Giving Calculator </p><p>On VirtualGiving.Com websites, we suggest using our proprietary DonorCalcs the best, easiest-to-use and most donor-centric calculators in the business. PG Calc and PhilanthroTech are also good options (PG Calc offers industry-standard training).</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>Display Ads For Your Publications</p><p>In order to market effectively, its important to use different media. A display ad will support your direct mail and drive traffic to your website.</p><p>Recommended number of ads: 1 to 2, in as many institutional publications that you can place it.</p><p> Copywriting fees $</p><p> Graphic design and production $</p><p> Insertion fees (if any) $</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>TV / Radio</p><p>Not as popular as direct mail, but gaining momentum.</p><p> Radio $</p><p> TV $</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>Travel and Entertainment</p><p>Face-to-face visits should be a top priority. Your marketing efforts will fill your sales funnel. Nows the time to visit your prospects. Take into account the minimum number of calls you are expected to make this year, the geographic area over which your prospects are spread, and then likely costs for travel, lodging, entertainment, etc.</p><p>Our survey indicates that the planned giving officers who close the most gifts, and earn the highest salaries, make more face-to-face prospect visits than any of their peers (</p><p> TOTAL $ $</p><p>Courtesy of</p><p>Worksheet Planned Giving MarketingInstitution</p><p>City, State</p><p></p></li><li><p>MARKETING CALENDAR SAMPLE</p><p>Heres a typical calendar. Not all steps may apply to your situation. See the following page for a blank worksheet.</p><p>July* Get mailing list ready by data-mining for best pros-</p><p>pects (just get ready; its a bad month to mail) Prepare website and display ads</p><p>August Send out planned giving postcard</p><p>September Send out annual giving letter with planned giving twist</p><p>October Mail planned giving postcard Legacy Society event, golf outing, etc. Take pictures </p><p>and post on your planned giving website.</p><p>November Mail year-end giving letter; recommend gifts of secu-rities instead of cash.</p><p>December Send out planned giving postcard Article in your publication; highlight a donor</p><p>January Send out newsletter</p><p>February Send out planned giving postcard</p><p>March Mail tax-season letter A gift will make next years </p><p>taxes less painful! Article in your publication; highlight a donor</p><p>April Send out planned giving postcard</p><p>May Legacy Society event, golf outing, etc. Take pictures and post on your planned giving website.</p><p>June Send out planned giving postcard</p><p>Your planned giving website </p><p>and display ads should be </p><p>working for you all year round.</p><p>* We arbitrarily chose to begin the year with July, since most non-profits end their fiscal year on June 30.</p><p>Courtesy of</p><p>Worksheet Planned Giving MarketingInstitution</p><p>City, State</p><p></p></li><li><p>MARKETING CALENDAR</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Month:</p><p>Courtesy of</p><p>Worksheet Planned Giving MarketingInstitution</p><p>City, State</p><p></p></li><li><p>For a more comprehensive solution...</p><p>PlannedGivinGin a Box</p><p>exPe</p><p>diTe</p><p>Big Shop Tested. Small Shop Approved.Invest 1 hour a week for 1 year and</p><p>watch your endowment grow.</p><p>Can you handle it?</p><p>Complete. Proven. Ready to perform. Step-by-step instructions, combined with state-of-the-art model forms, sample materials and marketing tools make Planned Giving in a Box the easiest way to strengthen your planned giving program, or start a new one from scratch.</p><p>Conveniently. Affordably. Easily. In as little as one hour a week over 52 weeks. </p><p>Its easy and it works.</p><p>Planned Giving in a Box breaks down the process into three easy-</p><p>to-manage modules: </p><p>I. Marketing and Outreach</p><p>II. Back Office Operations</p><p>III. Building Donor Relationships </p><p>Each module can be purchased as a stand-alone piece; or purchase them all at a substantial discount as a package.</p><p>Your future is waiting. What are you waiting for?</p><p>Valley Forge, Pennsylvania</p><p>Developed byBrian M. Sagrestano, jd, cfreViken Mikaelian</p><p> 873-9203</p><p>http://www.plannedgivinginabox.com</p></li><li><p>New for 2012</p><p>Easy to read, easy to understand... This is the must-have tool for everyone in development. Not just you for your entire staff as well. Even board members.Its the reference for the rest of us.</p><p>This insiders guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and your organization is invaluable.</p><p>Its not another ways-of-giving brochure its a whys of giving that helps you better understand the ups and downs of different giving options for both you and your prospects.</p><p>Use the guide to educate your staff, gain more satisfied donors and better financial results for your non-profit.</p><p> Comprehensive: outright, estate-plan and life-income gifts analyzed.</p><p> Each gift review includes summary of the gifts features plus its benefits/challenges for donor and your organization.</p><p> Gift diagrams simplify each review. Gifts are arranged alphabetically and indexed for </p><p>ease of reference. Includes a fold-out cross-reference chart </p><p>illustrating gift benefits and features. Handy 4x9 inch format fits easily in pocket, </p><p>purse or bag. Wire-bound lays flat on your desk. Four-color, attractive, easy-to-read format. About 46 pages. $24.95; quantity discounts available.</p><p>(800) 873-9203Order online:$29.95; Free for VirtualGiving Clients</p><p>Close to actual size.</p><p>Elevator </p><p>Pitches </p><p>Included</p>;id=48&amp;parent=75</li></ul>