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Planned Giving Design Center. Provided by: Rochester Area Community Foundation. What is the Planned Giving Design Center?. The world ’ s largest website on the subject of planned giving with tens of thousands of pages of content Networking community for professional advisors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Planned Giving Design CenterProvided by: Rochester Area Community Foundation

  • What is the Planned Giving Design Center?The worlds largest website on the subject of planned giving with tens of thousands of pages of contentNetworking community for professional advisorsCommunications tool between the foundation and advisorsThe goal of the PGDC is to enhance community awareness of planning techniques that can help people accomplish both their personal and philanthropic planning objectives by equipping advisors with the latest information regarding the tools and techniques of charitable gift planning, and the tax laws that govern their use

  • Features of the PGDCOn a National LevelArticles, news stories, technical reports & case studiesCalculations & presentationsDiscussion forumMember directoryOn a Local LevelFoundation newsResources & formsPublicationsCommunity outreachEvents

  • What are the benefits of membership?Membership is FREETimely email news alerts on the latest updates concerning planning givingGift calculations and presentationsExtensive research capabilitiesParticipate in Discussion Forums or comment on contentShare content with colleagues or donorsMarket your servicesCommunicate with and learn more about the foundation

  • ContentAll information on the PGDC comes from nationally recognized legal, tax, and planned giving experts who dedicate themselves to making the PGDC the most comprehensive information resource on planned giving availableArticles written by nationally acclaimed experts on how to apply and integrate planned giving techniques into an individuals overall financial and estate planThousands of pages of content including the topics of government, management, marketing and planning

  • Research CapabilitiesAdvanced search engine allows you to search content quickly and easilySearch by type, category, year or authorSearch for single words, groups of words in quotes, exact matches and much more

  • Calculations & Presentations

    Customize calculations and presentations based on your clients needs and planned giving techniquePowered by PhilanthroTec, Inc.

  • Whats Next?Simply go to and click Join Today!Create your account & customize your profileLearn more about the foundation on our group pageHave an idea for a feature? Email support@pgdc.comWant to be a contributing author? Email editor@pgdc.comSponsorships of the PGDC are available, please speak with Kate Baker