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  • Plan today,



  • Explanation of planned giving:

    Planned gifts provide flexible strategies

    for your estate. Certain gifts provide

    immediate income to you while others

    are outright gifts specified in your will or

    through beneficiary designation. Many

    of the options may greatly reduce your

    taxes. Your financial adviser and legal

    counsel will be able to address the

    question of how to maximize your gift.

    However, the most meaningful benefit, is

    knowing that Anderson will continue

    providing superior care to your loved


    Benefits (to name a few):

  • Simple steps you can take today to

    ensure our tomorrow:

    Name Anderson Foundation for Autism

    as a beneficiary of a portion of, or entire:

    Life Insurance Policies

    401(k) retirement plan

    403(b) retirement plan

    Individual Retirement Plan (IRA)


    Execute a Transfer on Death Designation

    in favor of Anderson Foundation for

    Autism for your:

    Investment Account

    Bank Account or Certificate of Deposit (CD)


  • Other ways in which you can benefit

    Anderson through planned giving:

    Name Anderson Foundation for Autism as a

    beneficiary of a set dollar amount or

    percentage of your:

    Estate in your Last Will and Testament

    Trust in your Trust Agreement

    Childs Third Party Supplemental

    Needs Trust or For Benefit Trust

    (remainder beneficiary)

    Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust or a

    Charitable Gift Annuity

  • Dear Anderson Parents & Families,

    It is time to demonstrate your long-term

    commitment to Anderson Center for

    Autism to make certain that your loved

    one remains safe, happy and productive

    for his/her entire life. No doubt, most of

    our children will outlive us. While we are

    alive we can control how our time and

    money is given to Anderson, but if you

    want to protect your child beyond your

    passing there are a few simple things you

    can do today (some without an attorney

    or any expense) to insure Anderson's

    vitality and longevity. Please take a

    moment to review the summary below.

    Please, act now.


    Robert A. Rosenfeld

    Anderson Parent

  • For more information please visit our website at or call 845.889.9224