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Preparation for Antwerp trip 2007


  • Place branding

  • YouTube - Mxima de Nederlander bestaat niet

  • You are where you live?

    Your place is known for something

  • z City brandingz Region brandingz Nation brandingz Destination branding

    Place branding: pardon ..?

  • Why place branding?*

    z Competition Attract customers, visitors, business, talent,

    investors, etc.

    z Public diplomacy Global media Mass democracy Transparency

    z Connecting people Internal branding

    *Simon Anholt:

  • Characteristics

    z Place branding is slow Change your image by performance No magic shortcuts through marketing Sustainability is the magic word

    z Partnerships Tourism, culture, corporations, civilians,


    z Complex Social, economic, political targets in one


  • Challenges

    z Who owns it?z Place branding is in the public/private

    domainz Associations go all the way

  • Branddesign and -carriers*

    z See First Impressions Landmarks Social Economic Infrastructure Icons

    *Rik Riezebos, 2007

  • Hear

    Nickname, anthem

  • Feel


  • Taste

    National, regional cooking/recepies

  • Smell

    Green green grass of home?

  • Brandmanagement*

    z Brandarchitecture What arena do you choose? Level of political government, whos leading


    *Rik Riezebos, 2007

  • Positioning

    z Marketing vs Sales (UMP's vs USPs)z Create themes and concepts for multiple

    usagez Turn weaknesses into strengths

  • Organizational structure

    Commitment without democracy

  • Lets go to Antwerp !!

    z What are As icons? What creates itsidentity? How do you experienceAntwerp?

    z Who are the stakeholders and what wouldthey expect from Antwerp?

    z What are you looking for April 10 - 12?z What do you deliver? z Create a timetable and


  • Bronnen

    z Simon Anholtz Rik Riezebos (

    Volg de sneeuwbalmethode

    Place brandingYouTube - Mxima de Nederlander bestaat nietYou are where you live?Place branding: pardon ..?Why place branding?*CharacteristicsChallengesBranddesign and -carriers*HearFeelTasteSmellBrandmanagement*PositioningOrganizational structureLets go to Antwerp !!Slide Number 17Bronnen


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