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<p> 1. Point College Title: Japanese Director (Hayao Miyazaki) Assignment No.: 3 Date: 23/02/2015 Name: Lee Sweet Wan Course: Introduction to World Cinema 2. 23/02/2015 Monday Lee SweetWan HAYAO MIYAZAKI Hayao Miyazakiis a Japanese film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, author and manga artist. He was born in Bunkyo, Japan on January 5, 1941. Heis the second of four son. His father who named KatsujiMiyazakiwas director of MiyazakiAirplane, which made rudders for A6MZero fighter plane during World War II. Hegot a lot of talent in art and he got the interest in airplane also. This is why mostof his works havesomething to do with flying and airplane. Miyazakiaspired to become a manga author from early aged. In 1958, his interest in animation was sparked by a movie called The Tale of The White Serpent from Toei Animation which the company he joined on April 1963. Themovie left a strong impression. His interest really began when the time he attend to high school. His interests were mainly in manga and anime. He graduated fromhigh schoolthen attended Gakushuin University. In 1963, hegraduated from Gakushuin with degrees of political science and economics. After that he joined the Toei Animation. Fromthere, he worked as an in between artist for Gullivers Travel Beyond the Moon. He continued to work in various roles in animation industry until he directed his firstfilm, Lupin III: TheCastle of Cagliostro which released in 1979. Heco-founded Studio Ghibli after the success 3. of his next film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind which released in 1984. Heis only famous or known in Japan but Western country until Marimax Films released Princess Mononoke(1997). Itis the firstanimated film which won Picture of The Year at the Japanese Academy Awards. He is not only work on his own film. He co-wrotefilms The Secret World of Arriety released in July 2010 in Japan and February 2012 in United States; and FromUp on Poppy Hill released in July 2011 in Japan and March 2013 in United States. Both of the films are directed by one of his two sons who named Goro Miyazaki. Miyazakis film often contain recurrentthemes, like humanitys relationship with nature and technology, feminism, and so many. The protagonistare often strong, independent girls or young women. Someof his best known movies included The Castle of Cagliostro (1979), Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984), Castlein the Sky (1986),My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Kikis Deliver Service(1989), Only Yesterday (1991), Spirited Away (2001), TheCat Returns (2002), Howls Moving Castle (2004), Ponyo (2008), TheWind Rises (2013). TheWind Rises would be his final featured length film as he is officially retired now. 4. For me, I like him so much mainly because of the way he delivers a messagein each and every of his works. Heoften use a positive ways to show the ugliness of the world. You can feel hope, future, strength, in his works and it will inspired you a lot. At least it do inspired me. I can still remember that when my mother bought me the DVD of Spirited Away as a birthday presentwhen I was a kid. In the firstsight I feel like its nothing special about a cartoon movieyet I was totally fell in love with it. Itis a story abouta girl who was going on a vacation with her parents accidentally went to a place which full of spirits. Sheforced to live and worked in a bathhousefor spirits after her parents are turned into pigs by the sorceress who owned it. I believed that its not only the storyline itself that attracted me but also the visual. Besides, I cant really described how it feels when I first watched the movie Spirited Away but it gaveme a strong impression and thats why I can still remember the movie until now. </p>