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An open letter to CoCo, a Happiness Machine, Canine Assistants, and Tweet Me candy. It sounds like Pee Wee's Playhouse but it's really just this week's Pizza Friday. Scream real loud!!!


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6. Viral Marketing 7.


Within a week of going live on YouTube, Coca-Cola's new "Happiness Machine" video -- the brand's first global video produced exclusively for viral distribution, with no use in TV ads -- has already racked up more than 645,000 views. 8. Integrated Communications 9.


Milk-Bone is sponsoring a documentary on service dogs that will air on PBS in prime time on April 21."Through a Dog's Eyes," produced by TPT National Productions in association with Partisan Pictures, follows the acclimation process that occurs as several individuals with disabilities receive service dogs. It also documents the canine teaching methods and recipient/dog-matching process used by Jennifer Arnold, founder of Canine Assistants, one of the largest service dog organizations. 10. Crowdsourcing 11.






IN THE NEWS 14. 'Tweet Me' Joins 'Love You' On Sweethearts Candy USA Today The familiar candy hearts from Necco that have been a Valentine's Day tradition since the Civil War will carry a new endearment this year: "Tweet Me." The move accelerates recent commercial tie-ins for the 145-year-old Sweetheart brand, Bruce Horovitz writes, while it's a freebie public relations coup for Twitter. Patricia Martin, author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Means to Your Business, sees the relationship as a harbinger of marketing hook-ups to come. "It's a new way of advertising when two brands get together to create cultural meaning," she says. "That's very different from creating a 30-second TV spot." In the past, Sweethearts has used "Fax Me," "Email Me," and even "Bite Me" (a tie-in with the "Twilight" film last year). But this year is this year, and Twitter is where the PR potential, as well as cultural meaning, is clearly at. 15. NEW YORK TIMES Super Bowl Sales as Economic Indicator The Federal Reserve Board may want to scrutinize another statistic to gauge the health of the economy: demand for ads during Super Bowls. As Super Bowl XLIV nears on Feb. 7, CBS is already "very close to a sellout," a spokesman for the network, Dana McClintock, said on Tuesday. He declined to specify how much of the estimated 30 to 35 minutes of paid commercial time in the game was still available. By contrast, at this point in 2009, when NBC was selling spots to be shown during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 1, considerably more time remained unsold."Last year, time was being sold entering into a recession," Mr. McClintock said. "This year, it's being sold apparently coming out of one." Another difference is that a year ago, many marketers that bought Super Bowl spots were playing down their participation, fearing that the sour national mood made the usual hoopla seem inappropriate. Now, though, the hyperbole machine is being cranked up by many sponsors as they seek attention for their ad plans. 16.


17. Magazines Lost a Fourth of Ad Pages in '09 Just how bad was 2009 for magazines? Try 58,340 pages. That's the number of advertising pages that American magazines lost last year, according to Publishers Information Bureau figures released on Tuesday. Between 2008 and 2009, magazines lost, on average, one-quarter of their ad pages - the worst drop in the decade of data that the bureau, which measures virtually all major American magazines, had readily available. It is significantly worse than even 2001, when pages declined by 17.2 percent from the previous year. And magazines ran only about 170,000 ad pages last year, versus about 238,000 in 2001. There were few winners in 2009, but those that retained advertising tended to be mass-market magazines that ran recession-compatible content and ads. 18.


19. GMC Taking The Viral Marketing Superhighway Automotive News GMC could drop TV commercials altogether in marketing its Granite compact crossover, according to Steve Rosenblum, Buick-GMC's director of advertising and promotions. A Granite concept was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last week. Targeted to consumers younger than 35, Rosenblum says GMC needs new types of advertising for young shoppers. GMC has developed a brochure with bar-code-type designs called quick response codes that smartphones can read, Chrissie Thompson reports. Phones scan the codes and point consumers to Web pages that give details on the Granite's features, offer opportunities for social networking and discuss designers' inspirations for the concept. Studies show that by 2011, two-thirds of cell phone sales to people under 40 will be smartphones, Rosenblum says. Meanwhile, GMC is using a YouTube site, "Terrain's World," to market th e Terrain crossover vehicle launched last summer. 20. Retail Footwear Trumps Working Women's Accessories by Karl Greenberg A just-released survey found that shoes and dress boots trump other accessories women favor to define a look. Jewelry is the working woman's second-most-popular embellishment, with 52% saying they finish their looks with necklaces, earrings and bracelets, per Mintel. After that are things like purses, belts and scarves, which less than one-third use to complete or change their work styles. 21. The North Face Doesn't Like Being The Butt Of A Parody Marketplace Jimmy Winkelmann, an 18-year-old University of Missouri freshman, says that a lot of his customers are members of the "anti-logo movement." Why else, one wonders, would they be wandering around in outerwear that carry a logo that proclaims "The South Butt." Not everyone appreciates being the tail end of a joke, of course, as Adam Allington reports. North Face, for instance, thinks Winkelmann's jab at lemming-like youth culture is downright subversive. It has filed a suit claiming that The South Butt logo is similar to The North Face logo and is misleading. Winkelmann's attorney responds that the only similarity is the word "The." If you're older than 18, you know the impact the lawsuit has had. "It's been moving like crazy, you know all of the t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and everything else has just been selling like mad,&quot ; says one retailer who carries the brand. And, more than 14 million Google hits later, Winkelmann's modest profits have been parlayed into paying for his entire college education. 22. 23. BUSINESS WEEK How Ford Got Social Marketing Right The automaker successfully re-entered the subcompact car market via the Fiesta Movement and YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter Ford recently wrapped the first chapter of its Fiesta Movement, leaving us distinctly wiser about marketing in the digital space. Ford gave 100 consumers a car for six months and asked them to complete a different mission every month. And away they went. At the direction of Ford and their own imagination, "agents" used their Fiestas to deliver Meals On Wheels. They used them to take Harry And David treats to the National Guard. They went looking for adventure, some to wrestle alligators, others actually to elope. All of these stories were then lovingly documented on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. The campaign was an important moment for Ford. It wanted in to the small car market, and it hadn't sold a subcompact car in the United States since it discontinued the Aspire in 1997. And it was an important moment for marketing. The Fiesta Movement promised to be the most visible, formative social media experiment for the automotive world. Get this right and Detroit marketing would never be the same. 24.


25. Innovation 26. 27. Interactive Print 28. 29. Pizza Friday is Numantras weekly venue for reviewing the latest news, innovations and accomplishments taking place in our industry and the world at large. Numantra is a very unique and results-driven advertising & marketing agency that was started on the crest of a tidal wave of change that ushered in the 21st Century.Our founding partners recognized the coming of this change and purposefully created a company shaped in the image of the unstoppable future. Find out what Numantra can do for you. Visit for more information.

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30. Conversational Communications 31. Social Media 32. Insight Into Human Behavior