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  1. 1. Nyari Samushonga @nyarisam pivoting without pain is impossible
  2. 2. 0,70 Gini coefficient (highest measured inequality in the world) 33% unemployment (54% youth unemployment) ZAR 3 650 average wage of a low skilled worker ZAR 26 400 estimated living wage for a family State of employment in South Africa We cant talk about economics without talking about the means of production - this is about employment and the right to a living wage Source: Statistics SA
  3. 3. Until we realise: dignity before wealth sufficiency before excess Because we have not yet effected transformation We should remain uncomfortable...
  4. 4. Partner with organisations that... gather and analyse data on the current state of labour in SA lobby for a living wage for low skilled workers increase awareness of the material conditions of the working class Our discomfort compelled us to ...
  5. 5. Impactful change demands agitation be precise Current State Agitation Future State
  6. 6. Murapazvose...agile heals everything Exception Reports Status & Trend Reports Standardise System Input Validations Intuitive UI User training employers employees collection statistics waste Inaccurate data usage slow Backlog, MVP, Release Plan CD, CI, TDD, continuous refactoring Standups, Showcases, Retros, etc
  7. 7. From developers, to product owners to execs...we all converged on a definition of value We understood the complexity in the domain We recognised points of failure and points of waste between teams and the system of processes We adopted strong agile engineering practices - CD, TDD, Agile UX... Life was agile good... We had set the project up right, our rituals were on fleek and we were ready to conquer Kilimanjaro.
  8. 8. We thought we knew... What was value The complexity in the domain The points of failure and points of waste between teams and the system of process For all the great agile practices...we were building the wrong software And then...
  9. 9. Pivot #1
  10. 10. What is unemployment about? Efficiency is meaningless if you are collecting the wrong data. ? Focus on Employers Focus on Employees then you get some view of income in relation to profit then you get some view of income in relation to place of work and movement of people The disruption is significant The prioritisation of the backlog changes! The design is questionable! A predicament of understanding
  11. 11. ! Focus on employer data pivot This is nothing but a choice - a big bet.
  12. 12. Pivot #2
  13. 13. Collect data fast or collect lots of data in the shortest possible time ? Put effort into employer compliance Put effort into catering for variable data formats effort into negotiation effort into complex software data transformation The disruption is about locus of control We can control what software we build! We cant control the outcome of a negotiation! A predicament of control
  14. 14. ! Build complex software pivot The hard choices are often the right choices
  15. 15. Pivot #3
  16. 16. Design a new solution for an unfamiliar domain Complex domains need simple designs ? Apply a well known design from another domain ignore the abstractions and design for implementation simplify with a well known higher level abstraction The disruption is about simple solutions Design is a journey to realise simplicity! A predicament of complexity
  17. 17. ! Leverage accounting principles pivot Sometimes new question have old answers
  18. 18. Pivoting is painful but absolutely necessary!
  19. 19. If there isnt a new context after you pivot, then you didnt pivot! Every pivot creates a new context ! pivot The new context must be socialised
  20. 20. My observation is that we ... 1 pivot Pivot to gain deep understanding 2 pivot Pivot to gain control 3 pivot Pivot to simplify
  21. 21. Pivoting is Leadership
  22. 22. Leadership is about making decisions Pivoting is about making decisions * All decisions are correct * All decisions are lonely * Making decisions instills humility
  23. 23. Having done all you can do to stand Nyari Samushonga @nyarisam STAND