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Pitt County Detention Center. DHW - 36 collectors 1750 gallons storage. Drug Rehab Center. DHW - 48 collectors 2000 gallons storage. Durability. Homeless Shelter - Salisbury, NC. 25 year old system perfect working condition. New replacement system. Common Solar System Types. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Pitt County Detention CenterDrug Rehab CenterDHW - 36 collectors1750 gallons storage

    DHW - 48 collectors2000 gallons storage

  • Homeless Shelter - Salisbury, NC25 year old systemperfect working conditionNew replacement systemDurability

    System Design - How it worksTwo main designs in use today - Old & New (er)Common Solar System Types

    Start with CollectorsPressurized tankCollector Side ExchangerPumpPressurized Glycol SystemsNeed a few more thingsHow it works

    Air VentExpansion TankPRV & DrainCheck ValveHeat Dump 3-Way Valve Fan-Coil Unit Pump & ControlHow it works12345Pressurized Glycol SystemsPower failure will defeat overtemp protection

    Non-pressurized Drainback SystemStart with CollectorsNon-Pressurized tankLoad Side ExchangerPumpHow it worksPower failure is normal operating mode

    Residential DHWApplications

  • ApplicationsResidential DHW

  • ApplicationsFurnaceBlowerResidential SH - Forced AirAny Furnace TypeGasOilHeat Pump withElectric Backup

  • Residential SH - Forced AirFurnaceBlowerSolarCoilApplicationsThree operational modesSolar Only (hot)Solar Assist (med)Solar Cut Out (cold)Specify Coil for Low Temp Delivery

  • Residential SH - Room HeaterApplications

  • Residential SH - Radiant SlabApplicationsBoilerBoilerPumpBoiler Pump is Circulator

  • Residential SH - Radiant SlabApplicationsBoilerBoilerPumpSolarSolarPumpThree operational modesSolar Only (hot)Solar Assist (med)Solar Cut Out (cold)Design System for Low Temp DeliveryBoiler Pump is CirculatorSolar Connection referred to as Side Arm

  • Residential SH - Radiant SlabApplicationsBoilerPumpSolarSolarPumpThree operational modesSolar Only (hot)Solar Assist (med)Solar Cut Out (cold)Design System for Low Temp DeliveryLoop Pump is CirculatorBoilerSolar & Boiler Connectionsare Side Arm

  • ApplicationsCommercial DHW

  • ApplicationsCommercial DHW

  • ApplicationsForced AirRadiant SlabCommercial Space Heating

  • Forced AirRadiant SlabApplicationsDesign for Low Temp DeliveryCommercial Space Heating

  • ApplicationsPool Heating

  • ApplicationsPool Heating

  • Solar Analysis MethodsA Quick Review

    Monthly Hot Water Loads = MBtu/moUsually from GPD x Occupants x dT riseGround water temp can be problem

    Duty cycle - monthly variationsDorm, Beach/Mountain Business, Hotel

    Result is table of Monthly Energy LoadsNot capacity.

    1. Load Estimation

  • 2. Energy Data (the fuel)NASA Satellite data covers the whole earth. Use Lat. & Long.

    Solar Radiation - Btu/ft2 on flat surfaceMust tilt radiation data to chosen angle & south azimuth

    Ground water temp calculated from ambient temp.3. Choose Solar Collector (the boiler)Peformance specs come from certified testsListed with SRCC

    Only gain is radiation. Choose number.

    Losses are radiation, convection, and conduction

    Performance is straight line equation. Downward slope indicates lower efficiency as dT increases.

  • 3. Choose Solar Storage (the battery)Based on collector areaCan fudge with daylight load4. Put all the inputs into computer program (the brain)

    Result is monthly calculated loads for SH & HWmonthly solar energy producedmonthly solar fractionmonthly ouput per collectorAnnual totals at the bottom

  • 12345678The F-ChartProgramRetscreenis free version

  • Program ResultsPrintout

  • Results

  • Current and future cost of energy - First Order EstimatesExample: Solar output = 8 MBtu/collector Installed cost/coll = $4500 System lifetime = 20 yearsResults: Lifetime energy = 160MBtu/coll

    Result: Simple Energy Cost over Lifetime = $28.125/ MBtu = $0.09/kWh

    Compare with existing fuel cost of gas, oil, electric ( by efficiency) e.g. 80% efficiency = 1.25X fuel cost 65% efficiency = 1.53X fuel cost

    Need threshold energy value for go ahead.Economics - the simple version

  • Q & AContact InfoBen Gravely, PresidentHolocene Technologies1241 Wicker DriveRaleigh, NC 27604

    Cell: 919-818-1879Email: ben.gravely@holocene-energy.comBlog: www.solarhotwater-systems.com


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