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A slide-by-slide approach to creating an effective pitch deck, presented by Marc Phillips, Managing Partner at Arafura Ventures and author of "Inside Silicon Valley: how the deals get done," and co-sponsored by David Ehrenberg, Founder and CEO of Early Growth Financial Services, and Greg Heibel, Partner of Emerging Companies at Orrick. Using real-life examples from winning pitch decks, this presentation covers everything you need to know to create an impactful pitch deck, from market size calculations to competitor matrices, revenue projections to exit strategies, and more. For more startup advice and advance notice of future webinars, follow us @EarlyGrowthFS


  • 1.IntroductionEssential Investment Pitch Deck Insights for Start UpsMarc Phillips Palo Alto, CA http://www.arafuraventures.com

2. Your Webinar Co-Hosts David Ehrenberg, Founder and CEO of EGFS Outsourced financial services firm providing early-stage companies with integrated financial solution Three platforms of services and support: transactional accounting, CFO, compliance Greg Heibel, Partner in the Emerging Companies Group of Orrick Leading global law firm with particular focus on serving companies in the technology, energy and financial sectors Culture of innovation and collaboration Distinctive combination of local insight and global reach across 25 offices. http://www.arafuraventures.com 3. Introduction Serial Entrepreneur. 5 exits, 2 failed. Lived in Silicon Valley 12 years Run a micro $10 million fund Opportunistic investment philosophy Check size = $250K on seed + reload in Series A Priced rounds preferred, no uncapped notes. Strong team, product built with some traction. "Inside the Valley: How deals get done"http://www.arafuraventures.com 4. Recent Investments Commercial property energy analytics and bill forecasting software platform. Baggage tag and tracking software platform.Productizing the process of outsourced services.All-in-one cloud contact center and telephony solution. Next generation online brand management and IP protection software platform. http://www.arafuraventures.com 5. Investment Pitch Deck Essentials Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning Line. Founders. Slide 2: The Problem We Solve Slide 3: The Solution Slide 4: The Market Size Slide 5: The Product/Technology Architecture Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability Chart Slide 7: Go To Market/Distribution Slide 8: Competitor Matrix Slide 9: Revenue Projections Slide 10: The Advisors Slide 11: Use of Funds Slide 12: Exit Strategy http://www.arafuraventures.com 6. Slide 1: Logo/Mission/Positioning Linehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 7. Slide 2: The Problem We Solvehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 8. Slide 2: The Problem We Solvehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 9. Slide 3: The Solutionhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 10. Slide 3: The Solutionhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 11. Slide 4: The Market Sizehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 12. Slide 4: The Market Sizehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 13. Slide 5: Product/Technology Architecturehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 14. Slide 5: Product/Technology Architecturehttp://www.arafuraventures.com 15. Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability Charthttp://www.arafuraventures.com 16. Slide 6: IP/Defensibility/Scalability Charthttp://www.arafuraventures.com 17. Pitch Tips Select investors that can re-up on their investment Short sentences, non technical speak Investors watch body language Dont hesitate, maintain eye contact Defer to co-founder/CTO Keep consistent momentum/pace in presentation Control emotion, be prepared for conflict Connect with analogies and anecdotes Reiterate Team, Market Size and Product Fithttp://www.arafuraventures.com 18. Slide 7: Go To Market /Distributionhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 19. Slide 8: Competitor Matrixhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 20. Slide 8: Competitor Matrixhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 21. Slide 8: Competitor Matrixhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 22. Slide 9: Revenue Projectionshttp://www.arafuraventures.com 23. Slide 9: Revenue Projectionshttp://www.arafuraventures.com 24. Slide 9: Revenue Projectionshttp://www.arafuraventures.com 25. Slide 10: The Advisorshttp://www.arafuraventures.com 26. Slide 11: Use of Fundshttp://www.arafuraventures.com 27. Slide 12: Exit Strategyhttp://www.arafuraventures.com 28. Thank you and ContactMarc Phillips Arafura Ventures 415.606.0900 marc@arafuraventures.comDavid Ehrenberg Early Growth Financial Services 415.234.3437 dehrenberg@earlygrowthfinancialservices.comGreg Heibel Orrick 650.614.7394 gheibel@orrick.comhttp://www.arafuraventures.com